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Charo Ruiz, the designer who created Queen Letizia’s most praised dress that sells out every year

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The summer of 2020 was unforgettable for the Spanish designer Charo Ruiz. That summer, the Queen Letizia She chose one of her dresses to wear on her visit to Ibiza, as a tribute to Adlib fashion. The 549 euro model, made with guipure ruffles and very fine bobbin lace, looked spectacular and was highly praised. It was so successful that it sold out in just a few hours. Something that is repeated when they reissue it each season. It was not the first time that he dressed a Spanish royal: the Princess of Asturias wore his design when he was still a baby.

After the stellar appearance of Doña Leticia with her dress, Ruiz gained even more fame. But the truth is that she was already a very successful designer among celebrities of all the world. She also created the first dress with which Cristina Pedroche made a splash in 2014 and whose transparencies scandalized her for the first time. “The balance was positive, especially for Cristina and I am very happy for her, who received many hateful comments and knew how to handle the situation in an admirable way for how young she was. She is divine and remains faithful to Charo for her looks summer”, summarizes the designer.

In addition to our royalsthe list of famous women known for their good taste who choose Charo Ruiz Ibiza designs is impressive and very long: Nieves Álvarez, Sara Carbonero, Taylor Swift, Elsa Pataky, Eugenia Silva, Isabel Preysler, Tamara Falcó Paula Echevarría, Alicia Vikander, Naomi Camebll or Miranda Kerr… And we could continue listing names of celebrities.

Born in Seville, in her family home in Marchena, “when I was very little, I already observed the meticulous and excellent work of my grandmother. I admired her skill and creativity, she was the best dressmaker in town”.

The girl grew up surrounded by patterns, fabrics and trimmings… “In my first memories my grandmother always appears with her skating board drawing with chalk. I helped him pass the needles on the tests, I think that has had a lot of influence on my vocation,” she confesses.

Like so many families at that time, his parents emigrated to Barcelona in search of fortune in the sixties and, as soon as she turned 18, she signed up for a model agency, profession in which he stood out and went on to work for the legendary Pertegaz.

“It was the time of the Gauche Divine, and the city was experiencing aesthetic, artistic and intellectual splendor, despite the repression of Franco’s regime. “We were a very modern generation,” says the designer.

In the 70s, love would change Charo Ruiz’s life. But not that of a couple, but that of an entire island: Ibiza. “I came on vacation for the first time with a friend in 73 and it was love at first sight. The nature, the sea, and the people, it was very curious to feel the freedom of that time on such a small island, with people from almost all parts of the world,” he explains of her passion for it.

“Although the most popular island was Mallorca, Ibiza was the favorite in the most modern circles of the time,” says Ruiz, “the following year I came with my boyfriend and we spent the summer like that until we settled in after having our first daughter: Pigeon”.

Since then, the idyll has only grown and she has become one of the most representative names of Adlib fashion, a concept that, she explains, “was created with the intention of making it known outside the island. what was happening there, with a motto based on freedom, creativity, art in clothing and, above all, in women as protagonists, supported by the Ibiza brand for a long time. And a very important platform for the creators of the Island, because there are many and very good ones.”

A fashion that is a reflection of Ibiza, a space that trains people in freedom, with a clean and unprejudiced look. A world that, in these dark days of extremes and hostilities, seems even more astonishing. Or perhaps it is the people, those who could not stand the darkness, who have turned the island into that place where they can live freely and with respect.

Celebrity favorite

At very high prices, it is true, but, nevertheless, there is some magic in those who chose Ibiza to be. That is the case of Charo Ruiz who, from there, has become one of the favorite designers of the celebrities from all over the world and, of course, from royals Spanish.

After more than 30 years designing, more than 60 collections, several stores, including the Flagship Store in Ibiza and more than two hundred points of sale around the world, Charo Ruiz Ibiza is a reference brand. “Flagship Store in Ibiza. “I feel very proud to see how such a personal style is understood by women with so much style and weight within the world of fashion,” she summarizes.

In addition to her dream dresses, those’charos‘ that feel so good, the designer and always attentive businesswoman, this summer is also going to launch corsets that any of the women in the Bridgerton family and fans of the series would fall in love with.

But, yes, she makes them in a free version and not at all oppressive, because in her designs “the design, pattern, fabrics and finishes are designed to make us feel victorious and above all very comfortable throughout the season and in any setting,” she says. Perhaps that is the secret of its overwhelming success. Garments of a woman who thinks about women, always, from the empathy and respect that is perceived in each of their responses. And how much it is appreciated.

What have Queen Letizia and Princess Leonor meant for you and your firm?

It was a dream come true. I greatly admire the style and personality of our Queen and I was very excited to see her dressed in one of my dresses. And, when she did it, on her last official visit to Ibiza, I was very excited. In the same way as when I saw Leonor on her first vacation in Mallorca, when she was just a few months old and in the arms of her grandmother, Queen Sofía, so pretty in a white outfit from the brand, on all the covers of the magazines. journals.

In addition to our ‘royals’, the list of famous women who choose your designs is very long. Could you tell us an anecdote with any of them?

Naomi is a regular in Ibiza every summer and, although we have some friends in common, I don’t know her personally, but they tell me that, when she enters our boutique in the port of Ibiza, she is clear and chooses her looks in just 5 minutes. And she takes them without trying. As if she already knew the collection before.

What do you feel when you see someone wearing one of your ‘Charos’?

“I feel very proud to see how such a personal style is understood by women with so much style”

In general, I am very excited and excited to see women wearing my clothes on the street, whether they are famous or not. Sometimes I even go up to them and tell them how pretty they look in that dress. I love watching their reaction because they almost always answer me very proudly: ‘Thank you very much, it’s from Charo Ruiz, a beautiful brand from Ibiza.’

I’ve never tried one on, but I swear your dresses make you feel more beautiful in the mirror. What is the secret of your designs?

Thank you very much, that’s right! The design, pattern, fabrics and finishes are designed to make us feel victorious and above all very comfortable throughout the season and in any setting. If you live in Madrid, I invite you to stop by 30 Lagasca Street, there you can live the Charo Ruiz Ibiza experience in first person and understand the reason for our trajectory and the loyalty of our clients and friends.

What type of women are your creations designed for? Are they affordable or are they just look and don’t touch?

When we propose collections, we do so thinking about all types of women, ages and sizes. Fundamentally, in women who like to enjoy the moments and, especially in spring and summer, their vacations, sailing, at a special event…

A ‘Charo’ is one more element in the ritual of celebrating life. And most importantly: for life, they are timeless, sustainable pieces of excellent quality, which are passed down from grandmothers to granddaughters. Prices range between €99 and €999.

You rang the bells with Cristina Pedroche and went viral. What do you remember about that adventure of dressing her?

Well, she saw Malena Costa’s dress at the GQ awards ceremony and the stylist of The sixth He asked us, as an option. From the commotion that she caused when she appeared with him, the brands focused on Cristina to dress her for the bells of Antenna 3, already advised by Josie, along with a very good communication strategy.

“A ‘Charo’ is one more element in the ritual of celebrating life”

Ours was organic and went viral in an unexpected way for her, for me and for everyone… I was celebrating the end of the year in the Atlas desert, without any coverage and, when I returned, my team informed me of what happened and I couldn’t believe it.

But the balance was positive, especially for Cristina and I am very happy for her, who received many hateful comments and knew how to handle the situation in an admirable way for how young she was at that time. She is divine and remains faithful to Charo for her looks Of summer.

As a businesswoman, have you felt any impediment for being a woman?

Honestly, I will tell you that if there has been, I have not paid too much attention to it and I have continued my path focused on my work, my family and my team who have always supported me. I feel very lucky for this, because I am aware of the reality that women unfortunately have to continue to face in the world today.

What advice would you give to someone reading this, who loves fashion and is dreaming of starting a business?

Let him do it from the heart and with passion. Prepare well, focus and surround yourself with talent and creativity. May you travel, know, be disciplined and constant, and may you never lose your enthusiasm.

And finally, who would you like to see this summer wearing one of your dresses?

I admire Michelle Obama a lot and I know that she and her daughters have some pieces, I imagine that they wear them on their vacations and more private moments, I suppose that’s why they don’t appear in photos, but I would love to see them dressed with their Charo in summer and in Ibiza .

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