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Clínica del Pilar is certified in PROTOCOL-COVID and is chosen by Unicaja Baloncesto to perform its PCR

Wednesday, August 12, 2020, 18:36


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Thanks to the high safety standards that began to be applied almost two months before the start of the State of Alarm, Clínica del Pilar did not register any COVID-19 patients among its team of professionals during the most acute phase of the pandemic. This has allowed them to have the trust of a significant number of patients in returning to normal surgical activity.

However, in accordance with its quality and responsibility policy towards patients, the center has carried out a comprehensive audit of its hospital management, from surgery to invasive diagnostic tests, including hygiene and patient information. After the analysis, carried out by the certifying company INTEDYA, they have received the “PROTOCOL-COVID” certification, which guarantees a safe health space for patients, in accordance with the instructions of the WHO and Health authorities.

Center chosen by Unicaja Baloncesto

The players and members of Unicaja Baloncesto have chosen Clínica del Pilar as the medical center to carry out the PCR tests, a step prior to the club’s return to normality. During these days, the players and the technical team staff have gone to the hospital facilities to carry out tests to detect if any component of the entity suffers from any condition.

Unicaja Baloncesto must comply with several safety protocols before returning to the ACB Liga Endesa and Eurocup calendar, thus confirming that all its players are free of the COVID-19 virus and, therefore, have no danger of infecting others. companions.

The first team players have been arriving in groups of two to maintain safe distances and be cared for by health personnel in accordance with the Covid protocol.

The Malaga team plans to begin training this week for the next season of the Endesa League, whose start is scheduled for the weekend of September 18 to 20, but this situation causes it to modify its plans depending on the test scores.

The importance of post-COVID19 reviews

Clínica del Pilar is calling on citizens to undergo a post-COVID review to check and monitor the possible side effects of the disease from the specialties of pulmonology, cardiology, nephrology and hematology.

The health center considers that the information already available about the virus makes it highly advisable to strictly monitor the possible adverse effects of those who have had the disease or have been in close contact with it.

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