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Coffee with Tonic: the cocktail that is sweeping the networks (and also has no alcohol)

A soft, sweeter and more caffeinated coffee, which falls like a summer cloud on a soft tonic, in which a slice of orange separates the two sections: the visual effect is very pretty, but, How is this combination prepared so that it is balanced in flavor and not only arty?

First of all, coffee lovers will know the basis of this cocktail—and of the many cocktails with coffee—the increasingly popular cold brew, a way of preparing coffee, so to speak, in the American style: cold, for more than twenty hours. “The coffee should be ground rather coarsely and left in cold water for almost a full day, filtering it two or three times,” Andrés Paparoni, Out of the Cup barista expert, explains to magasIN.

What is the most appropriate variety for this cocktail? “We usually look for coffees that enhance sweet notes, caramelized or chocolate notes, so that when you prepare it it gives you more. Coffees that are citrus or delicate will not be appreciated with this type of preparation because they lose these notes. Being slow extraction, with lower temperature, you get more sweetness“Coffee works like a curve, the first flavors it offers us are salty, then acidic and sweet, and at the end the most bitter,” adds the expert.

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