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Colombian designer Bibi Marini: “My jewelry is elegant, timeless, light and easy to wear”

Their creations (earrings, headbands, shawls and even napkin rings) are made by hand, woven one by one with silk, wool, pearls, crystals (either Swarovski, or a Japanese one called Miyuki…). These unusual jewels A month ago they revolutionized Fashion Week Latam that was held in Madrid.

Bibi Marini has been one of the pioneers in the topic of sustainable jewelry, for several reasons: their collections are 100% made in Colombia, because they always work with local artisans. Additionally, many of his designs are rooted in the culture of his country and the rich Colombian culture.

Designs inspired by the rich Colombian culture, which are liked by women from all over the world and of all ages. In Spain they are sold through the company Yibina by Bibi Marini, which brought exclusively by the entrepreneur Ana Pérez Santamaría.

He was born in Bogota (Colombia). He has lived in his hometown, but also in Los Angeles, New York and today he lives between Buenos Aires, NYC and London, “and all three are wonderful cities.” But he does not forget his country and, for those who want to know it, he affirms: “Colombia has many beautiful places to visit like Cartagena, Bogotá, Medellín…”.

He studied Gemology at the Gemological Institute of America in California. and then a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Parsons School of Design in New York and returned to Colombia to found her jewelry line in 2003.

In 2019 he was part of a select group of designers who created a capsule collection for Net-a-porter of Fashion (Johanna Ortiz, Esteban Cortázar, Silvia Tcherassi, Verdelimon and The Lazy Poet and Accessories and Jewelry (Bibi Marini, Mallarino, Mercedes Salazar, Carolina Santo Domingo, Hunting Season, Verdi, Magnetic Midnight and Muzungu Sisters).

Very jealous of her private life, she has granted an exclusive interview to magasIN that allows us to get to know better this surprising jeweler whose creations, inspired by crochet, were truly an innovation.

Do you want to tell us your age or do you prefer not to?

No problem! 52 years.

In your opinion, what makes your jewelry truly special?

It is an elegant line, very light, easy to use.

Unique, lightweight pieces made with pearls, Miyuki and Swarovski crystals, silk, wool… Do you also use gold, silver and precious stones?

Today I don’t use precious metals, but I did work with them for several years.

has a store on-line any physics or pop-up also?

I have my workshop and showroom in Bogota.

Your website defines ‘the Bibi Marini style’ as elegant, versatile and feminine: how would you describe it?

As it is!!!

His creations are 100% made in Colombia, and his company helps rescue traditional techniques that would otherwise be lost…

All our designs are made in Colombia, hand-woven by artisans who have been with me since Bibi Marini started.

What would you highlight about fashion in our country?

I love Spanish fashion, very elegant and feminine.

I’ve seen on her IG that Penélope Cruz has worn some of her iconic designs. And that the great Iris Apfel also wears her necklaces. Any other famous clients that she is particularly proud of?

No, actually, I am proud that any woman wants to wear our designs.

Their Instagram account is a true tribute to diversity, with women of all ages wearing their fantastic creations…

Before the pandemic I had a store in Bogotá for many years, and I loved that both girls and their mothers used the earrings.

How would you define your bridal collections?

We have the same idea for bridal designs… elegant, light, timeless.

I have seen that there are several models out of stock, do you make them again?

Yes, they are designs that we repeat in the ICONIC line.

What is your model best seller?

Our best seller is he mini sundrops!!!

You also have a range of napkin rings: are you planning to expand your home or decoration line?

No. In reality, the napkin rings arose from a collection of earrings that we destroyed and we wanted to reuse the materials!

It was selected by Net-a-porter, together with other Colombian Fashion and Accessories designers, to create a capsule collection, and there were very well-known brands. How was that experience?

Very proud to have been in that group of Colombian designers. The truth is that Colombia has a lot of talent.

Of you, Elizabeth von der Goltz, global purchasing director at Net-A-Porter, highlighted the “incredible craftsmanship and amazing craftsmanship of the region”, what do you think was your most personal or unique contribution?

It was nice to have created a unique collection using the Colombian emerald for this capsule collection.

The Gold Museum in Bogotá, which houses the largest collection of gold pieces in the world, is one of your sources of inspiration. What are you passionate about about that pre-Hispanic era?

It is a magical museum. With incredible pieces in terms of technique and design.

You are also inspired by the museums in the cities you have lived in or visit, for example, the Isamu Noguchi Museum in Queens and the Frick Collection in New York, the Victoria and Albert in New York, could you tell us your favorite piece from each one of them?

I don’t have favorite pieces. It also has to do with space, the environment…

Is there anyone in Spain where you also find inspiration?

Obviously, the Prado Museum!

Where else (other than museums) do you find inspiration?

In everyday life, every trip, every city, there is inspiration everywhere!

What projects do you have in hand that you can tell us about and that you are particularly excited about?

No new project, but great enthusiasm to continue working on what I love.

Is there anything I haven’t asked you that you would have liked answered?

Come to Colombia: it is a beautiful country!

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