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Consumer alert: Mercadona withdraws a beer due to a dangerous defect in the bottle

Thursday, October 29, 2020, 12:06 | Updated 12:18 p.m.


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The supermarket chain Mercadona has just issued a notice to its customers to return some beers to any of its nearest stores due to a defect in the bottle “which could cause glass splinters to break off when opened”. The announcement affects beer Specialties 1897 Tequila Flavor and, specifically, to the Lots/Best before dates 10/15/2021, 10/21/2021, 11/10/2021 and 12/16/2021. Mercadona, as confirmed on its website, has already proceeded to withdraw these products from sale, “in principle as a precaution.”

As reported by Mercadona, it was the supplier Brasserie Licorne SAS that reported that the aforementioned products “may have a defect in the bottle that could cause glass splinters to break off when opened.”

«Mercadona informs customers who have purchased this product that they can return it to their nearest store and the amount will be refunded», the chain has indicated. “Both Mercadona and the supplier Brasserie Licorne SAS apologize to all customers for the inconvenience caused.”

This notice comes to light a few days after Lidl asked its customers to return another pack of beers due to a factory defect. It was a batch of beers Camaro Beer Red (244 hh:mm, with a best before date of 11/21), manufactured by the company Brasserie Licorne SAS. This warning does not affect any other products from this supplier.

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