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Covid breaking news: Virologist Margarita del Val talks about the risk that the Covid wave in China may have for Spain

The virologist and CSIC researcher Margarita del Val has spoken out about the wave of Covid that keeps China in suspense and the repercussions it may have for other countries, including Spain. According to the expert, the risk of new variants of the coronavirus coming from the Asian country “is minimal” and she maintains that it is very unlikely that the pandemic will turn back.

Del Val argues that what is happening in China is due to “an internal problem” due to an “ineffective vaccination campaign”, mainly among older people, and the fact that “they have had very little circulating virus” so “It has a very poorly immunized population.”

The virologist assures that “the variants that are already circulating in the rest of the world are reaching China,” which is why she considers that “the chances of it affecting the rest of the world where the virus has multiplied and transmitted freely is minimal.”

Experts attribute this new wave of infections in China to a sublineage of the Ómicron BA.5 variant, which has been called BF.7 (abbreviation of BA. Margarita del Val explains that this variant that is currently circulating in China “has already passed through Europe and was not successful.”

The virologist believes that, although “we can never be completely sure,” we would only have to worry “if a real new variant appears, not a new version of Ómicron.” In this case, the researcher would recommend that all people be vaccinated with the fourth dose “immediately”; while she considers that this second booster injection is only necessary for the elderly and high-risk people.

For all this, Del Val affirms that there is no need to fear going back. “We have the pandemic here as it is but we will not go back because of what is happening in China.”