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Crafts that heal

Creativity is the power to connect the seemingly disconnected. Developing it through crafts helps those who practice them to think new things, experiment and grow at any age.

Aware of their benefits, Centro Residencial Almudena uses these activities as a therapeutic tool to ensure that patients with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias have fun while stimulating their brain.

To achieve this, on all important dates they carry out specific activities related to the festival. Hearts on Valentine’s Day, Thrones at Easter or flags for Andalusia Day are some of the crafts that help the elderly to be active, get on the calendar and feel useful.

«These proposals respond to different scientific evidence and studies that show that the nervous centers that have to do with the hands occupy as much space in our central nervous system as all other sensory perceptions combined. This means that if you exercise your hands, you cause the receptor cells in your brain to make many connections immediately. In this way, crafts serve to activate multiple areas of the brain, not only those that have to do with movement, but also the visual and auditory areas, and this has a very positive impact on memory because patients learn and remember better what they are doing. doing,” explains Olga Ocejo, neuropsychologist at the center.

Likewise, crafts have a direct relationship with attention. Focusing on these activities in a sustained manner helps patients forget about themselves and not be overshadowed by issues such as sleep, pain or worries, making it possible for them to relax and enjoy themselves.

“It is also important to highlight that, by doing crafts, our level of dopamine increases, a neurotransmitter that makes us feel good and gives us motivation,” explains Ocejo.

To carry out these activities, the center has a multidisciplinary team of professionals who offer its residents all the social and health care they require.

«We schedule our activities to ensure that patients have a good time and have fun. At the same time, being in a highly stimulated environment creates more neural connections, a greater cognitive reserve that manages to soften the impact of brain injuries. It is a way to exercise and improve your mental state,” they explain from the center. «In addition, we confirm that, in each craft, the level of stress is significantly reduced and the self-esteem that comes with being in a creative process with very positive results is increased. This makes them feel useful. Even when they are angry, they relax and manage to focus and enjoy themselves.

In addition to these periodic crafts, the center has a daily program of workshops with which the elderly are exercised, such as cognitive stimulation, psychomotor skills, memory and even film or music therapy workshops, among others. They have also incorporated animal-assisted therapy with which the elderly interact with animals and enjoy the outdoors.

Specialists in assisting people with Alzheimer’s

Almudena Residential Center has been guaranteeing the well-being of people suffering from dementia for more than 25 years.

The cozy and close modern spaces, the warmth of home and a highly qualified staff who dedicate themselves to dealing with patients, distinguish this center in Malaga, one of the few in the province dedicated exclusively to patients suffering from some type of dementia, of which more than 80% correspond to Alzheimer’s disease, in addition to cases of cognitive impairment or neurodegenerative disorders.

The center has 43 places, 19 of them arranged through the Junta de Andalucía and with very high demand. They welcome all phases of these diseases, although in the initial phases they usually recommend day centers.

More information:

Almudena Residential Center

Calle Galicia, 3-5, 29738 Rincón de la Victoria, Málaga

Telephones: 952 40 39 69 – 651 80 39 46