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Cristina Gómez, the Valencian whose body, after removing her breast, became a failure

He pit (chest in Valencian) will be planted on March 15 at the García Lorca commission in Valencia. A fault more than three meters high that reproduces the body of a woman who has undergone a mastectomyafter suffering from breast cancer.

The model who has lent her body and face to the composition is called Cristina Gomez. And the objective: “to represent men and women who today do not want to reconstruct their removed breasts.” because they do not want to be exposed to new surgery. It almost never looks good and it’s not as easy as people think. It’s not about getting an implant and that’s it,” confirms Cristina.

A cast of a breast

It all started in 2019, when the young personal trainer and yoga teacher suffered breast cancer and before undergoing the operation that would remove his chest, he decided to talk to Raúl Martínez, a Fallero leader, so that he could make a mold of it “for me, as a reminder of what I was,” he asserts.

And he continues: “Raúl told me that it was a very nice gesture, and he stayed at that. But then I realized how big that project could have been. And then, I suggested that he make a mold for me also when I didn’t have a breast. , and that he would use it to make any mistake at any time,” he says.

Raúl Martínez, at the head of the Estudio Chuky workshop, whose creations always have an implicit message, accepted the commission, with the condition that Cristina told her story in the first person and also, that she put her face to the falla.

The fault that reproduces the body of Cristina Gómez.

“They did a scan of my face and body in the studio, and with the 3D image the entire figure of the fault was worked on,” says Gómez.

It is a falla that measures eight meters in height in total and is made up of eight figures, including that of Cristina, which has a height of approximately three meters.

The figure reproduces the young woman looking down, sitting on her heels, performing the diamond pose in yoga, showing the mastectomy scar, and with her arm extended offering a heart in her right hand.

The ninots will be planted in the Falla García Lorca, a commission from the Malilla neighborhood that has been working since 1982 and has more than 150 falleros.

Cristina next to the falla that reproduces her body and face.

burn the bad

On March 19, in the creamthis one, like the rest of the fallaes, will burn and Cristina assures that “although I defend burning the fallas as a symbol of the end of the party, this time it will mean much more, which is burning everything bad that has happened to me and being left alone with the good, and with what will come later.”

The yoga teacher has not yet made a decision regarding the prostheses, “it is not a final decision because it will depend on how I am mentally, on the moment…”. He is still undergoing treatment and with many side effects. The disease arrived when she was 30 years old and it was a very hard process that included chemo, mastectomy, three emergency operations and radiotherapy.

Now, at the head of his association Cancer with Lemon, he travels the national territory to be the speaker for men and women who have gone through a trance similar to his: Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Seville are some of the cities he has already visited, and Cantabria in the next June.

Now in Fallas, a Fallas meeting could not be missed. “I am going to bring together more than 50 people, cancer patients from all over Spain who want to experience a day or a weekend of Fallas. We are going to be at the City Hall watching the mascletá, and even within the same faults, exclusively for them, because in the end they are at-risk patients and they need this exclusivity,” he concludes.

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