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Cryptic Pregnancy: why do some women have it?

Cryptic Pregnancy can be confused with various diseases such as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, because nausea, delayed menstruation or hormonal and physical changes do not appear.

Nowadays, pregnancy can be easily detected, since it is perceives from the delay of menstruation and that allows us to start the process that will take place over the next nine months, in addition to the fact that the body undergoes hormonal and physical changes.

However, There are women who do not realize they are pregnant until they feel the pain before giving birth. without having had clear manifestations. This is called Cryptic Pregnancy.

What is Cryptic Pregnancy?

The Cryptic Pregnancy is characterized because women They do not present symptoms of Dizziness, Vomiting, Chronic Fatigue and there is no delay in menstruation.Therefore, women do not realize that they are pregnant and often confuse it with another condition.

Pregnancy symptoms can also be relate to stressful conditions in which the woman is found, to this is added the Polycystic ovary syndromewhich generates spaced menstrual periods and a hormonal alteration that resembles the first months of pregnancy.

In the perimenopause, pregnancy-like manifestations can occur such as momentary loss of menstruation, pain and swelling in the belly and Nausea.

To ensure that you are pregnant, it is necessary to go to a specialist in Gynecology and Obstetricsas it will analyze laboratory tests, an Ultrasound and the patient’s history to indicate if she is expecting a baby.

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