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Cycling tights: how to combine the most comfortable garment

Short leggings were first popularized in 1995, when Diana of Wales, also known as Lady Di made them part of her usual wardrobe. 27 years later, models, actresses and other personalities wear them daily. Emily Ratakowsky, Kendall Jenner and Kaia Gerber are some of the many celebrities who are seen wearing these tights in their daily lives.

How could it be otherwise, The big fashion houses have laid the foundations for this trendincluding cycling tights and shorts in its Ready to Wear collections this season. The trend has also been supported by renowned stylists like Elisabeth Sulzer, who makes style decisions for models Elsa Hosk and Bella Hadid among others.

This type of tights are very versatile, which allows a variety of combinations with which you can adapt to each occasion. Although it is a garment typically worn for sports activities, there are many who combine it with more sophisticated clothing, elevating the outfit and allowing them to wear it to non-sports and even formal environments, such as university or work.

Actress Sophie Turner and model Bella Hadid following this trend

Maria Nieto


This form of style is called athleisure, which comes from the combination of two words in English: athletic (athletic) and leisure (leisure). A trend that brands like Gucci, Fendy and Burberry have presented on multiple occasions during their parades. But how can we combine this typically sporty garment to make it elegant? Here we leave you some ideas.

Some ways to combine sports tights

With shirt

One of the ways to make this garment elegant is to wear it with a shirt. You can wear a top and the shirt overlaid or a shirt oversize. Both options are stylish and will give you the sophisticated touch you are looking for. To give the final touch to the look you can combine it with heels and a blazer.

With sweatshirt or sweater

If you want him look follow the sporty aesthetic, you can always add a sweatshirt and some sneakers (that’s how Lady Di liked to combine it the most). If, on the other hand, you want the outfit to follow a more elegant aesthetic, you can wear the tights with a knit sweater and boots.

With a bikini for beach days

Another option is to use this type of tights for the beach. There are some brands that sell this type of leggings with other types of fabric such as knit or crochet. Striped or monochrome, either will be a good option for a day at the beach.


Another option is to combine the shorts with a t-shirt, blouse, sweater or top of the same color as the pants. The monochromatic trend is very fashionable. It is associated with minimalism and a clean and elegant style.

Sport style

If you want to use this garment for its original use (playing sports), but you want to stay stylish, you can always combine it with a printed or simple t-shirt, or with a sports top. If the top and the mesh are the same color (white or black, for example) you can add a bag in a striking color to give a touch of personality to the outfit. look.

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