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Decline in spring? These are the symptoms of asthenia, an underdiagnosed disease

They say that spring alters the blood, and it is so true that there are people who This alteration can impact their mental health.. Therefore, I want to tell you what spring asthenia is and what we can do to improve its symptoms.

What is asthenia?

Asthenia is an underdiagnosed disease that is characterized by a feeling of weakness and lack of energy. “It’s hard for me to get up and get going. Once I’ve started, everything seems easier. Even so, I still feel apathetic with some things that normally don’t cost me.”

Is there a quick solution?

Not fast, but there are some supplements that help boost energy and vitality.

  • A good multivitamin. Although the ideal is to be able to receive it in the diet, sometimes we fall short in micronutrients. I especially like LCN’s CNBase for periods of immune decline or weakness.
  • Ginseng. It is a plant that has traditionally been used to improve erectile dysfunction and depression. In small doses we can use it to raise our energy, I especially recommend Panax Ginseng.
  • Vitamin D. Fundamental for our neuronal capacity and our state of mind, it is important that before supplementing we do an analysis and have it prescribed by a professional.
  • B12 vitamin. It is key for energy production, which is why it can be supplemented in cases of asthenia. It is also recommended to incorporate into vegetarian and vegan diets.

In conclusion, although our genetics load the gun, we are the ones who pull the trigger, so good habits will help us store the revolver and keep us energized all year round.

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