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Dental Surgery What is it?

Its main function is to restore the biological, functional and aesthetic balance of teeth that have been damaged by cavities, trauma or congenital defects.

The Dental Surgery It is a branch of Dentistry which studies the prevention, diagnosis and treatment through restorations on the teeth. Its main objective is to restore the tooth to its biological, functional and aesthetic balance.

Treatments performed in Dental Operatory

There are two types of treatments that are performed within the Dental Surgery, the first is the Ionomers and the second are the Composite Resin Fillings.

  • Glass ionomer: It is a material frequently used in children, because it is capable of releasing fluoride, calcium, phosphate and silicate ions that bind to the elements that make up the tooth structures, strengthening them even if they were previously affected (remineralizes the dental tissue). , this release of ions is maintained for a long time after placement, which enhances the anti-caries effect.
  • Composite Resin Fillings: This material refers to the one used after removal of Dental Caries, it is placed in the color of the tooth and provides high resistance and aesthetics.

A Dental Operative treatment should be performed on people who have teeth that present Cavities, Fractures or who have teeth already previously treated with a shim or seal that is in poor condition or that it does not reconstruct the contact point, that it does not restore the shape, that it invades the gum tissue or that it does not correctly restore the occlusion.

Importance of Dental Surgery

There are many important aspects of Dental Surgery, however, those that stand out are: returning functionality, integrity and aesthetics to teeth structurally affected by Cavities, Trauma, Congenital Defects and other Dental Problems.

If the Dental Surgery is not performed, a damage to the tooth and its supporting structures.

Specialists in Dental Surgery

It is the Dentist’s function to carry out the procedures related to Dental surgery and caries diagnosis. Since it has the technical knowledge, manual and artistic skill to carry out these procedures.