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Discover the benefits of hibiscus infusion: reduces blood pressure and fights cellulite

Our grandmothers already said it, home remedies and treatments are “the hand of a saint” and, on many occasions, our first option if we do not want to take drugs or do not want our body to get used to them.

He hibiscus or also called Jamaica Flower, it is a plant native to tropical and subtropical regions. A plant that has arrived in Spain to provide all its healing properties and benefits.

From vitamin, laxative, digestive virtues and even reducing blood pressure, these are some of the properties that hibiscus can bring to your daily routine, a flower that, from now on, should not be missing from your pantry.

There are numerous varieties of this plant that are used differently in each country. From considering it part of your diet, to using the seeds to make oils or even taking it into account as part of the pharmaceutical industry.

Benefits of hibiscus

Since it was known how much this flower could provide in numerous areas, different countries have added it as one of their most effective home remedies, recognizing it as one of the plants with the best reputation.

But how can hibiscus help you and why is it so famous?


Drink hibiscus tea or take hibiscus extract hibiscus sabdariffa orally can help reduce blood pressure in people with normal or high blood pressure, in addition to improving our blood circulation.

Numerous studies have been carried out with people who suffered from hypertension and who, after ingesting a daily infusion of this plant, saw results over a few months after reducing these values.


Hibiscus is a digestive and laxative plant, it can help with heartburn and is very useful if you suffer from constipation as it works as a decongestant.

If, on the other hand, you are going through an episode of gastroenteritis, this flower can help you with its treatment, in addition to relieving and promoting digestion in case of indigestion.

Urinary infections

In countries like India, this flower was used to relieve urinary infectionssince it is a kidney flower with disinfectant, diuretic and antiseptic effects.

We all know the feeling when you have a urinary infection and the bad time you have, an infusion of this flower can help you with that little grief and thus relieve the discomfort.

Lose weight and reduce cellulite

If the benefits of this plant still seem few to you, hibiscus can also help you lose weight, since it has a satiating effect. Likewise, it will help you eliminate toxins and reduce belly swelling.

By preventing fluid retention, it is also very effective in reducing and fighting against cellulitis. It prevents fat from being stored in areas such as the belly or even the hips.

Relaxing effect

The hibiscus flower produces a very effective natural relaxing effect that can even help you in a mild anxiety episode, relaxing every part of your body.

If you have sleeping problems such as insomnia, an infusion at night can be your great ally to achieve better rest.


Like many of the infusions that our grandmothers prepared for us when we got sick, this plant can also help you with that. Protects the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract and moderates throat irritations.

There are many substances that give hibiscus a high medicinal power, and it protects us against bacteria, since increases our defenses to combat them.

hair loss

Containing large amounts of nutrients, hibiscus can stop hair loss. This flower is capable of strengthening your roots and even preventing dry scalp and, in many cases, dandruff.


In addition to all its excellent properties, hibiscus can be an ally in the fight against Alzheimer’s. According to a study carried out by researchers from the Pohan University of Science and Technology in South Korea and which was published in Alzheimer’s Research & Therapy, one of the substances found in the plant can help fight this disease.

This substance helps reduce the accumulation of amyloid beta protein in the brain, the main cause of Alzheimer’s.

How to consume hibiscus?

If what you want is to make your own recipes and you don’t want to buy the flower infusion or bulk products, here are a few ways to enjoy hibiscus.

For one simple infusion You need to take a couple of dried flowers of the same plant for every 250 milliliters of water. We bring water to boil and submerge the flowers for at least 3 minutes.

You can also make refreshing drinks like karkadéa very popular drink in the Middle East that is very simple to prepare.

We will need 1 liter of water, about 2 tablespoons of dried hibiscus leaves and about 5 or 6 dry stevia leaves to avoid sugars. We put the liter of water to boil, as soon as it does we will turn off the heat and then add our leaves. Immediately after submerging them, we cover and thus allow it to infuse slowly, until it cools.

Once it has cooled, we strain, drain and it would be ready for consumption. We can save the leaves, since having been infused they will serve us well. for another use.

Although hibiscus is a flower with beneficial properties for health and with moderate consumption it is safe for the body, it is important to know that there are occasions or times when you should not take it.

It is essential to know that you cannot mix these infusions with some medications. Some of the drugs that you cannot combine hibiscus with are such as chloroquine (Aralen), diabetes medications or antihypertensive medicationsamong others.

Taking infusions of this plant is a method not recommended if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Always consult your doctor if you want to introduce a home remedy into your daily routine.

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