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Discover what sports Shakira, Aitana and Rosalía practice to stay in shape

Staying fit is vital for anyone singer and even more so if they accompany their voice at concerts with incredible dances. For this reason, most artists also do vocal training, they train their body.

No one is surprised that Rosalía, Shakira or Aitana spend hours doing sports. But do they all practice the same thing? The answer is no. Each one has their tastes and preferences, even though they have similar routines to train resistance, strength…

Do you want to know what the favorite sport of the singers of the moment is? We tell you what each one practices to stay in shape.

Rosalía – Spinning and snowboarding

A year ago, Rosalia He uploaded a video to social media showing his routine. We then saw how she began training by doing several lengths in the pool and then doing a cardio session. This was followed in the afternoon by a rehearsal full of choreography and mobility exercises.

But beyond this training we have seen the artist especially enjoy two sports (although we have also seen her boxing): spinning and snowboarding.

Shakira – Flyborad (and many more)

Nobody doubts that Shakira He is in perfect physical condition. But she hasn’t achieved it by standing still. The singer, to a cardio and strength routine, adds sports such as surfing, belly dancing, boxing, tennis and even skate.

Now, if there is one that has caught our attention especially, it is the flyboard. This sport helps burn about 300 calories per hour, increase glutes and delay aging. It is practiced in the sea, with a board that uses water as propulsion and let’s fly!

Aitana – boxing

Aitana She is probably, with Rosalía, the Spanish singer of the moment. There is no show that doesn’t fill people and no song that doesn’t dance and to stay in shape he has revealed what sport he practices: boxing.

In several interviews, the artist has said that it helps her, not only to train, but also to feel better about herself. With this sport, in addition to being able to lose about a thousand calories per session, you strengthen your body and release accumulated stress.

Miley Cyrus – Fitness

The song flowers He has not only told us about the love life of Miley Cyrus, He has also revealed his training routine. We have been attentive and we tell you the fitness exercises with which you train:

The artist begins with batlle ropes (moving two ropes at the same time quickly with knees bent), follow with resistance push-ups, knee raises, heel raises, burpees and ends with leg stretches.

Karol G – Motocross

The bug I had a dream that few people know about, in addition to being a singer I wanted to be motocross champion.

But her parents tried to keep her away from motorcycles because they considered them dangerous. However, she managed to practice this sport, which she continues to enjoy because of the adrenaline it generates.

Nathy Peluso – Athletics and fitness

If you are one of Nathy Peluso’s five million followers, you probably already know her healthy habits.

Otherwise, we tell you that the artist who rose to fame five years ago stays in shape thanks to strength exercises and a lot of cardioeither. The singer has uploaded several videos in which she shows herself running on the treadmill and others in which she works her muscles with gym machines.

Rihanna – Paddle board

Most superstars follow a disciplined exercise schedule to stay in shape and some like Rihanna They complement it with sports that help them burn more than a thousand calories.

The singer practices Paddle Board, one of the aquatic exercises at the moment. It is done in the sea and you simply need a board and the help of a paddle if you want to try it.

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