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Do nuts make you fat at night? Myths and truths about its consumption

How many times have we heard the statement that eat nuts at night and before sleeping can make you fat. But is this really true or is it another of the many widespread food myths? What we have no doubt about is that this type of food is one of the favorites in Spain and that it can also provide many health benefits for women.

Below we reveal everything about its benefits and detail what it really is. the best time of day to take them and to include them in your daily diet. Take note.

Eating nuts makes you fat. Myth or reality?

Nuts are nutritious foods that contain healthy fats, protein, fiber, and a variety of important vitamins and minerals. These nutrients may be especially beneficial for overall health and may help generate a Feeling full in the organism. Something that can reduce excessive food consumption.

  1. They take care of bone health: Nuts are rich in calcium, magnesium and vitamin E. All essential nutrients to maintain strong and healthy bones. But especially beneficial for women who, after menopause, have a higher risk of suffering from osteoporosis.
  2. They benefit cardiovascular health: Nuts, and particularly walnuts and almonds, are a source of healthy fats, such as omega-3 acids and oleic acid. These fats can help reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) levels and reduce the risk of heart disease in women. A probability that also increases after menopause.

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