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Do you eat because of anxiety? These 7 foods are your allies to control emotional hunger

In Spain it is estimated that nearly half a million people suffer from some Eating Disorder (ED). A type of disorder that affects the younger population to a greater extent and that in women can be two and a half times more frequent than in men according to the Spanish Society of General and Family Physicians (SEMG).

Disorders that can also be generated due to anxiety or stress. And the thing is, who hasn’t had the well-known anxiety to eat and then have you felt an uncontrollable desire to consume some food?

An increasingly common problem, especially in a world where work and rush are the order of the day. But precisely so that this anxiety does not pose a problem in your diet, your physical fitness and your health, below we are going to present you 7 foods that will help you control that uncontrollable anxiety to eat. Take note!


Legumes are also among the most satiating foods thanks to their high protein content that contains fiber, unlike what happens with legumes. animal proteins. Thanks to this, the satiating effect of legumes is greater, faster and also lasts longer over time.

Water: Although it may seem that water does not fit on this list, we tell you that this simple liquid is one of the most important on this list. And, in addition to being essential for keeping us hydrated and for our body to function properly, water can also calm the food anxiety.

In fact, the body often confuses hunger with thirst and this is something that often leads us to eat more than we should. A good way to ensure our hydration and not overdo it with meals is to drink one or two glasses before every meal.

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