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Do you know the symptoms of a lack of vitamin D in women?

As with vitamin B12, vitamin D is also a basic nutrient for our health and specifically for women’s health. A nutrient in this case, which we can obtain through sun exposure, but this is not always enough. In fact, his deficit has become one of the most common health problems even in Spain.

A deficiency that can be worrying, especially because a lack of vitamin D is closely related to a greater predisposition to suffer bone fracturesosteoporosis, fatigue, sleeping difficulties or even menstrual problems in the women. Take note of how to recognize the symptoms of a lack of vitamin D in the body

Symptoms of lack of vitamin D in women

Lack of vitamin D in women can manifest itself in several ways, these are some of the most common symptoms and signs from the lack of this vitamin:

In the field of mental health, various research suggests that vitamin D plays an important role. Vitamin D deficiency has been associated with a increased risk of depression and mood disorders, which underlines the importance of maintaining adequate levels to promote emotional well-being in women. While in the field of reproductive health, vitamin D can also influence the regulation of menstrual cycles and fertility.

Regarding weight control, people with adequate levels of vitamin D may have an easier time maintaining a healthy weight. Additionally, this vitamin has been linked to a lower risk of neurodegenerative diseasessuch as multiple sclerosis.

Finally, vitamin D is also essential for skin health, which can help keep it in good condition and reduce the risk of skin conditions. So in short, although vitamin D is not a miracle solution, its role in women’s health is fundamental.

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