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Do young people know the importance of purpose? | Career & Success

I have been noticing the distressed behavior of young people for some time now. It is very common to see these young people anxious about the possible paths they can or should take, always taken by personal pressures that try to ensure that choices are made that are not only correct, but above all “spectacular”. Everything happening in an accelerated and simultaneous way, as if the amount of possibilities could guarantee a satisfactory result and maybe even happiness in each step taken.

These young people put enormous energy into being a success and being recognized for it. However, all this energy is not bringing the expected results. Frustration, career disappointment and extreme anxiety for new challenges are increasingly present characteristics, leading young people to unfocused actions and with the consequent frustrating result.

What happens? With all the resources, all the access to information, all the current scenario, wasn’t the opposite supposed to be happening?

Young people from Generation Y have had the privilege of developing a great intimacy with all the connectivity technology and, therefore, they are much more prepared to extract the full potential of the behaviors resulting from the new communication concepts. This is usually associated with better performance and productivity, however, this is precisely where we are seeing the biggest challenges, as young people were later exposed to experiences that develop tacit knowledge.

To address this lack of tacit knowledge, some young people believe that the more different scenarios they experience, the more prepared they will be. This is a misguided strategy, as it confuses experimentation with experience absorption.

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I believe it is time for young people to reflect on their purposes, however, this is also not simple, as this concept has been slightly abandoned in modern society and young people often do not understand what the real meaning of having a purpose is.

Generation Y urgently needs to establish a meaning for their own existence. It is up to the young person to decide “what for” he is carrying out all the effort to which he submits himself daily. What is your objective? One who determines a great will to accomplish. That for which the sacrifice is worth and that you can claim is your life purpose.

Do you already know what your purpose is? Not yet? Know that this is exactly why you still don’t see your life moving forward as you want.