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Donna Mills, the villainous diva of cinema returns to the big screen with ‘Nope!’: “I decided to be a mother at 54”

The literal translation of the word crush It is crushing or pulverizing, but for Americans – and increasingly on social networks – it is synonymous with an idealized love, what it feels like for someone who is unattainable, and that’s it. Better said, it usually stays there and sometimes it changes everything.

“As my first love was a dancer when I was young,” Donna Mills explains exclusively to MagasIN, when asked about her passion for acting“I loved musicals and my grandmother took me to see them, something that I remember we loved: I remember each one of them, The Red Shoes, On The Town, Babes on Broadway, Rhapsody in Blue…”, he lists animatedly.

Dance would not occupy her forever after that first crushbut the interpretation was, until a few days ago, when it was released Nope. In her career spanning more than five decades, Donna Mills (born Donna Jean Miller in Chicago, 1940) She has been an actress and producer; and she fell in love a few more times – although she would never marry. In 1966 she would debut in the series The Secret Storm and from then on she would begin a career that would take her, role after role, to a consideration that was truly difficult to achieve: icon indie for current generations.

. “Gloria Steinem has always been a great inspiration to me. The work she has done in the feminist movement has made the path easier for me and for many others, for our daughters too.”

Why did you decide to be a mother and how did that experience definitively change you?

I decided to become a mother at 54 because I knew that my life was not complete, and that if I never had a daughter or a son, I would miss out on one of life’s greatest pleasures.

With hindsight, would you say that changed you?

I think the biggest change motherhood made in me is that I became more patient. And that I was blessed to know what deep, truly deep love was like…

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