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Don’t keep what you don’t want: sell it on Vinted, Wallapop or Ebay, which is better for each thing?

Vinted, Wallapop and Ebay are the three large online platforms that offer users a quick and easy way to buy and sell items that they do not want to keep in their homes for longer. This increasingly popular form of market on-line contributes to the circular economy and more environmentally responsible consumption.

We usually live with more things than we really need. Sometimes, without hardly realizing it, we accumulate clothes, old toys, books and even furniture to which we no longer pay attention. When you feel like cleaning out those forgotten corners in your storage room, don’t throw anything away! Now you can give them a new life and make extra money.

Believe it or not, there will always be someone interested in that pink miniskirt from 2003 that you no longer care about or like. Especially now, vintage has become the latest fashion and the 2000s inspire all shop windows. Trends are recycled! You can do it too. But which app is best for selling each thing? We tell you.


It is the great application for buying, selling and exchanging second-hand items. Vinted is a large and varied online fashion market where you can find clothing and accessories for women, men, children and even pets.

From pants ultravintage from Dickies, to a latest season dress from Zara. If you sell the clothes you don’t use, what you earn will be reflected in your Vinted wallet, so you can buy the rest of the clothes. Most prices do not exceed 20 euros and the more you buy, the cheaper the shipping costs will be.

For the garments to sell better and receive more visits, the main advice is clear: take a good photo. Choose the background well, take care of the light and capture different approaches to show all the details. Once you get your sale, you will only have to print the shipping card that the app itself generates and stick it in an envelope to take it to a Post Office.

This is a different and cheaper way to shop. It’s like going to your sister’s closet and stealing what you like most but, in this case, legally and for a price. The app’s closets house styles as numerous as the number of users who have Vinted downloaded to their mobile device (50 million in 16 countries).


It may be one of the most popular applications for buying and selling second-hand items on the internet since its founding in 2013. Under the slogan: “Hey, what are you going to do with it if you don’t use it. Upload it”, the platform managed to gather great interest among the public. Since then, they have not stopped growing.

In it, users can contact each other through a chat for the supply and demand of items based on the geolocation of their device. The big advantage? There are no commissions for the seller, and shipping is covered by the buyer. Therefore, the transaction is simplified and prices are reduced, thus benefiting both parties.

There are two basic ways to carry out exchanges: organizing an in-person appointment with the seller or paying certain shipping costs so that the package arrives directly at your home.

Books, old toys and even second-hand furniture and cars are the options most offered on Wallapop. The prices are always cheaper than the new versions in stores and, in fact, many of the items can no longer be found in them.


It is the most international option to buy or sell products on the internet. It works as a store portal but, above all, an auction portal. Most transactions on this website are carried out like this, a bid is opened and the price rises until the seller awards said item.

This makes the sales the most picturesque, and the prices the most crazy. One of the most unique sales was a 2000 Playoff Contenders Championship card signed by American football player Tom Brady, for which $350,100 was paid.

There is even the possibility of converting these amounts into a constant deposit number in your bank account: creating your own store within the platform. To do this, you will need to create a package of products that combine certain thematic characteristics. This will get you discounted rates and more free ads on your new business.

Take advantage of this giant of the American market to put your most expensive and oldest objects on sale, those that you keep from previous generations and that accumulate dust in the back of a closet. As long as it doesn’t create a feeling of nostalgic loss in you, selling your grandfather’s record player from the 1960s will be a big hit on Ebay.

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