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Earth tones: this is what the most emblematic palette of autumn looks like

In autumn, the leaves of deciduous trees change their color to ocher tones. Fashion trends follow nature and, inspired by this chromatic change, The range of colors in earth tones becomes the protagonist of the wardrobes.

Walnut, turmeric, beige, chocolate and camel are just some of the many colors that make up this color range, the protagonist in the coldest months of the year.

Designers are aware of this preference and, therefore, They include proposals with these tones every year. Something that celebrities follow in their outfits and that influencers echo on social networks.

Fashion is cyclical and, therefore, everything that has once been fashionable will be fashionable again in the future. This is a premise that is presented as the basis of a liquid industry. However, fashion is also transformative and has the ability to deconstruct to reconstruct, reinvents itself.

The range of colors inspired by nature is present every year without exception, but more and more innovative and creative proposals appear with which to include these shades in outfits, the work of designers who know how to add originality to something that always seems to be in style. fashion.

Givenchy and Fendi shows during fashion weeks 2022

Maria Nieto


Fendi, Chanel and Givenchy are some of the firms that have included proposals with these colors in the presentation of their spring/summer collections during the fashion weeks held in the world style capitals.

However, the French designer and founder of the brand Jacquemus, Simon Porte Jacquemushas been one of those who has opted the most for earth tones.

The collection ready-to-wear that the firm released several seasons ago already predicted this trend due to the designer’s beige and camel. It featured garments made of linen, mostly neutral colors, which provided a minimalist, elegant and subtle way of wearing these tones.

Givenchy (center) and Jacquemus (sides) shows during fashion weeks 2022

The colors of nature do not fail due to their timeless character and the fact that they are very easy to combine.. You can use them on pants, jeans, blouses, coats, blazers and many more garments and you will be right with any option. The influencers They know it and, for this reason, they are constantly seen wearing clothes of these colors on their social networks.

He total look brown or beige It is also in trend. To achieve this, you can choose a jumpsuit in earth tones and some good brown notes, or a pair of jeans beige with a white shirt and a jacket of the same color as the pants.

Affordable fashion stores have many options in their catalog with which to include this trend in your outfits. and be able to make the most emblematic palette of autumn yours. From midi skirts to boots cowboy in earth tones or accessories beigeany one will be your ideal choice for these cold months.

Zara garments AW 2022 Collection

Maria Nieto

Courtesy of ZARA

The options are endless, you just have to use your creativity to add your personal touch to a neutral color palette.

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