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Estefanía Martínez, actress and specialist: “If you don’t concentrate, the minimum is that you will take a hit”

The film specialists They are those people who do all the action scenes, like a car chase, whether for film, television, an event… And who we hardly recognize.

We talk with Estefanía Martínez, that in addition to specialist is actress. In fact, it was during a shoot in Cuba, about fifteen years ago, when she met the man who is now his boss while working on action scenes, Angel Plana.

Plana was in charge of doing all the action scenes in the film. “There we met, he told me what he did and it was love at first sight with that job because I was always doing risky sports like boxing, kick boxing, snowboarding…Where there was danger, there it was.”

He explains that this, rolling down the steps, once is good, twice “good”, but if you have to do it fifteen times and you don’t train daily it will crush you, even if you are wearing all the protections.

Actors and/or specialists

We remember that Martínez is not only a specialist, she is also an actress. Therefore we ask her if she has ever occupied both rolesbut the answer is negative.

“The actors, even though I can do it as a stuntman, are not allowed to do the action scenes because you can get hurt,” he says. Imagine that the actor in a movie has an accident during the movie and is injured. What can be done with what is left to shoot?

Estefanía Martínez, film specialist.

However, Martínez tells us that he has just filmed Alex’s life by Benny Terán, in which they have made an exception. Her character is Norma and she has two “very strong” sequences.

“I talked about it with the director, we prepared everything very well and he let me do the two sequences. In fact, we increased the toughness, the strength and made what the character experiences stronger,” he says.

Furthermore, for the last two years she has been playing many roles full of movement. “They have chosen me because I know how to fight, I know how to fall and so on.”. Likewise, he points out that more and more films and series are being made along these lines. “I’m already prepared for it.”

If Estefanía decided to only work as a specialist, she would never be eligible for a Goya. “I have said several times that There is no Goya for film specialists“This is never going to happen.”

Although it is increasingly known what the job entails, there is still no award for them in Spain. But Martínez, who also sees it from the other side, understands it. He tells us, for example, that if Mario Casas won a Goya for a film that he has made with a lot of action, He is not going to say “thank you, but a specialist did it”According to her: “It would be very contradictory.”

The impact of technology

This work is increasingly booming. “Now it is very recent The Money Heist, which is full of specialists, it is pure and simple action. Úrsula Corberó, Miguel Herrán, the cast… They have prepared and done many things, but There are specialists to make sure everything goes well”.

But how are they influencing new technologies? Are they still necessary now that so much is done with the computer? “It’s good for us. There is a chroma, cable and there is us,” she responds.

Martínez explains that when films are made with a computer, they are recorded in front of a chroma key, with cables and so on. “Then the technicians put in the landscape and make it beautiful.”

Valkyries Stunts

Finally, we asked him about Valkyrias Stunts, the first team of women specialists in Spain, of which it is a part.

“There have always been men’s and mixed teams in other countries such as the United Kingdom, Russia and the United States. “So we created the first team of female film specialists.”

These teams participate in competitions in which they perform an action scene. For example: “I take a car, I overturn it, I get out, I get burned, they turn me off, there is a fight, I go up a height and I fall.” In his words: “They are like the Olympic Games, but with specialists”.

Martínez hopes to go to one of these competitions soon. “I have Spanish teammates who have been competing and have taken the best jump or the highest jump.”

The Netflix push

There is a lot behind these professionals: hours of training, effort…

According to Martínez, in other countries this work is more recognized, although They have been in Spain for many years.

“The only thing that was other types of films, before we were what was known as caballistas or they were smaller things, like riding a motorcycle, driving a car…” And he continues: “As a result of Central Hospital, Ángel Plana included a lot of action and the series grew a lot there, because they included everything that could be done and more. It was a series with a big budget, a big audience and everything grew a lot there.”

The arrival of Netflix in Spain has also been key in all this, which “gave a shot of energy to televisions and platforms“. Televisions, platforms… They are increasingly betting on action scenes.

Now, the actress and specialist has just filmed a film that will be released in January, in which she says that she has done everything. “I’m happy because I don’t stop doing one thing or another.” Furthermore, we could see it in The resistance (Movistar) on the first day of the season.

Soon, we will be able to see her doubling well-known actresses. In fact, it is currently rolling Library mouse by Javier Yáñez, doubling Aria Bedmar.

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