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Eugenia Tenenbaum in ‘The Women Behind Picasso’: “Reducing them to muses would be an insult”

The story of Pablo Picasso (Málaga, 1881 – Mougins, 1973) was, and remains fifty years after his death, that of an artist mired in a permanent dispute. A life of peers. Of lights and shadows. From one passion divided between painting and its lovers, Although the first managed to handle the teacher, and the second he tried to do from the privacy of the bedroom..

As many things have been said about the cubist as there were women who passed through his life. Among the best known, at least so far, are Fernande Olivier, Eva Gouel, Olga Khokhlova, Marie-Thérèse Walter, Dora Maar, François Gilot, Geneviève Laporte and Jacqueline Roque.

It would be fortunate, but also unlikely, if we could put a face to at least two of these eight names. And it would also be encouraging to know that one of them is behind the Guernica (1937), one of our most precious works of art and indelible mark of what happened in Spain during the Civil War.

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