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Everything you need to know about Bioregulatory Medicine

After treatment with Bioregulatory Medicine the body is capable of self-regulation. Some of the first effects are the recovery of body energy, increased ability to concentrate, improved sleep quality and decreased irritability.

What does it consist of?

Bioregulatory Systems Medicine (BrSM) is a medical science created by Dr. Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg in 1936 in Germany. It is aimed at A sick organism recovers through its own defense mechanism. This branch of medicine relies on elements of natural origin to increase defenses.

The human body is a complex system, its stability depends on the interaction of the different innate mechanisms that make it up. Most of the vital processes are controlled by the different systems (immunological, endocrine, nervous, digestive, etc.)


Bioregulatory Medicine aims to physiologically mobilize the body’s mechanisms to promote healing, instead of just eliminating the symptoms and signs of the disease. Bioregulatory Medications act strengthening the different systems of the body and eliminating harmful substances. In this process also drainage of the organs is improved.

This drainage and detoxification constitute a fundamental first step to restore the internal physiological balance and to enhance the healing mechanisms that our nature has. Regulatory Medicine also promotes significant immunological changes, which also contributes to improving the response time of defenses, who help attack diseases more quickly.

The combination of all these medications helps detoxify the body, in addition to an optimal response of the immune system, with the purpose of maintaining proper functioning of the organs.


After treatment with Bioregulatory Medicine The body is capable of self-regulation. Some of the first effects are lRecovery of body energy, increased ability to concentrate, improved sleep quality and decreased irritability. Subsequently, patients experience reduction of specific pains or pains that have already become imperceptible due to habitimprovement in the digestive process, reduction of swelling, among others.

The resolution of the situation is done more slowly than with conventional medications, it also depends on the duration of the disease. In situations that last many months or years, The resolution of the process takes time and is proportional to the time of installation of the symptoms.

Contribution to diseases

All diseases can be addressed through Bioregulatory Medicineas it contributes to the detoxification of tissues, collaborates with the immune system and restores cellular functioning.

Bioregulatory Medicine is a great tool, either as a sole or complementary treatment. Acute diseases such as infections, pain, headaches and chronic diseases, metabolic and cardiovascular alterations or degenerative and oncological diseases can be treated from this biological and integrative approach to health.

Most patients turn to this type of medicine when they feel that are not getting results with conventional therapy, or when they prefer to use non-pharmacological medications.

What kinds of medications influence this type of treatment?

Traditional medicine uses mostly synthetic elements that act in an imposing manner on cells. Generally, these medications They exert actions in the organism, whether it wants it or not. They do not regulate or balance alterations from their roots, but rather eliminate symptoms and inhibit physiological actions to attack diseases. This is why traditional drugs are usually medications. This means that they oppose a manifestation of the organism, blocking a symptomatic process, but they do not necessarily collaborate in the real resolution of the problem.

Bioregulatory medications, thanks to their composition, They do not present doping effects, since none of their components are included in the WADA list.. For this reason they are very useful for athletes. We can affirm that Medicines with bioregulatory action are safe for the body, very well tolerated, with almost no side effects and are effective.


Patients who undergo this type of treatment must accept that The treatment lasts longer than with other pharmacological methodsFurthermore, they must understand that the mechanisms of action will always be different, which seek to restore order to the body and not suppress the symptoms.


Bioregulatory Medicine is based on components of natural origin, most are found in very high dilutionswhich helps the body tolerate it very well and not present Allergic reactions. They do not interact with other types of medication and do not present side effects, so they can be applied to various patients with other treatments.


Bioregulatory drugs can be used with a high degree of trust by patients. There are numerous clinical studies carried out with the maximum scientific rigor, showing that drugs with bioregulatory action have good efficacy and excellent tolerability.

Currently there are many medical professionals who practice Western medicine, who have seen the benefit of Bioregulatory medicine in the concomitant therapies with their patients and they are making complementary use of it for their benefit.