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Exclusive | The first images of Julia Roberts’ ‘Journey to Paradise’

Hollywood actress in Notting Hill (1999), mother courage in Erin Brokovich (2000), professor at Mona Lisa’s smile (2003)…Julia Roberts (Smyrna, 1967) has managed to reinvent itself without ups and downs, establishing its status as an icon in just a few decades.

The “Hollywood smile”, about to turn 55, is perhaps the best symbol of the fight against the obsession of cinematic youth. With more than 35 films to her credit and 30 awards, Julia Roberts seems to have reached her professional peak. And not only the film world has smiled on the actress. Ambassador of Lancôme and its iconic perfume “La vie est belle” for a decade, she is also the image of Chopard, due to her “elegance, versatility and audacity.”

The actress and activist, very committed to the Unicef ​​platform, has also become a champion of feminism. “We have to come together as a society to stand up to this predatory behavior, to help victims find their voices and their healing, and to stop this once and for all,” he declared about harassment, on an NBC program, in 2017.

This 2022, she continues to demonstrate her full reach, with two productions, which once again crown her as the undisputed queen of Hollywood. Next October, the actress will actually receive the Icon Award from the Academy Film Museum, “in recognition of the global cultural impact of her career.”

trip to paradisethe most anticipated premiere

This September 9, he returns to the cinema with another icon, George Clooney. The Oscar-winning actors (Julia Roberts, for her role in Erin Brockovich George Clooney, for Syria and Argo) give life to a divorced marriage, forced to put aside their differences and embark on a trip to Bali with the sole objective of trying to prevent his daughter’s wedding.

A romantic comedy, produced by Working Title, Smokehouse Pictures and Red One Films, which marks the return of the actress to the genre after more than 20 years. And it couldn’t be any other way, having Ol Parker (Mamma Mia! And again and screenwriter of the two installments of The exotic Marigold Hotel) as director, who worked from a script of his co-written with Daniel Pipski.

The film, which also stars Kailtyn Dever (Dear Evan Hansen and super nerds), Lucas Bravo (from the series Emily in Paris), Billie Lourd (Episodes VII, VIII and IX of Star Wars) and Maxime Bouttier, was filmed in Queensland, Australia, with the help of incentives provided by the Australian federal government and the State of Queensland’s “Strategy for Production” program.

We preview one of the exclusive scenes from the film:

In the shoes of Martha Mitchell, in Gaslit

This 2022, Julia Roberts also shone with the role of Martha Mitchell, in Gaslit, a series directed and created by Robbie Pickering, in which she played Martha Mitchell, a key character in one of the most sordid stories in American history.

Socialite and wife of President Richard Nixon’s Attorney General, John Mitchell, played by Sean Penn, was one of the first people to become aware of the president’s role in the scandal. Watergatein 1972.

A new opportunity for Roberts to deploy his talent, reaffirming that success lies in maturity, personal and professional.

A duo for history

trip to paradise marks the return of the legendary duo to the big screen. In 2001, Julia Roberts and George Clooney were part of the prestigious cast of Ocean’s Eleven (along with Brad Pitt and Matt Damon, among others), this first time also as an ex-couple, in the roles of Tess and Danny.

A year later they resumed their role in Ocean’s Twelve, in which their characters gave their marriage a chance again. Her cinematic history continued with Confessions of a dangerous mind (2004), giving life to Jim and Patricia, two CIA agents. Money Monster (2016) marked their last cinematic encounter. They were then Lee and Patty, a television star and his production company, involved in a financial scandal.

Comedy and Julia Roberts

The actress managed to avoid one of the most recurring difficulties in the world of acting: typecasting. Although she started with the comedy genre, for the role of Daisy Arujo in the comedy Mystic Pizza (1988), directed by Donald Petrie, participated in thrillers as shocking as The pelican report (1993), together with Denzel Washingtonor dramas, like stay to my side (1998). Even so, the romantic genre was the actress’ favorite throughout her career.

One of her most relevant roles was that of Vivian Ward, in the film pretty woman (1990), in which she starred alongside Richard Gere. The film, despite the controversy generated by its plot, catapulted the actress to fame. An example of its significance is the arrival of the musical inspired by the film in Barcelona on September 22. Cristina Llorente and Roger Berruezo lead the cast.

Almost a decade later, Roberts agreed to star in one of the most successful comedies of the 90s, My best friend’s Wedding (1997), with Dermot Mulroney, Rupert Everett and Cameron Diaz. She played Julianne Potter, a woman determined to destroy the wedding of her best friend, with whom she was in love.

It also has a mandatory mention Nothing Hill (1999), marked by the love story between Will and Anna, which left us with phrases like: “I’m just a girl, in front of a boy, asking him to love her.” A romantic classic that also propelled Hugh Grant’s career, opening the doors of the genre with notable participations in sagas such as Bridget Jones.

Since then, the actress tried other genres, raising doubts about her possible return. He cleared them up recently, in an interview with the New York Times: “If I had read something as well written as Notting Hill or as fun as My best friend’s Wedding, I would have done it. But they did not exist until now with Journey to paradise, the movie I just shot and that Ol Parker wrote and directed.” A return that will lead to more comedies in the coming years?

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