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Exercises to stay in shape during vacations on the beach or in the mountains

We are already immersed in the summer and the longed ones arrive vacation. Beach, mountain, another city… The time has come to travelbut what about our training?

It is important for our mental health to get out of the routine and disconnect on vacation. However, we don’t want to lose the physical shape we have been working on for so many months, but don’t worry, we can do something!

For this reason, we have spoken with experts to help us with this task, which we already told you that it is not mission impossible.

“The most important thing on vacation is Do not throw away all the progress we have made throughout the year with a training and nutrition routine. Therefore, we will have to continue to be a little aware,” says Gonzalo Pérez from Goal Training (Plaza Castilla, Madrid).

As the expert points out, to keep the body active, the best and most effective thing we can do is tabatas. These are four-minute high-intensity routines and combine them with some strength exercise. Short and effective workouts so as not to disrupt your vacation and continue improving.

A woman running on the beach during sunset.

“If you are in the beach You can do some type of specific sport, such as scuba diving or walking along the seashore or swimming. If, however, you have chosen the mountainyou can take the opportunity to go on a hiking route and thus you will get to know your destination better on vacation,” recommends the expert.

Pérez gives us a practical example: You have to start by warming up the joints, doing some mobility and doing some jumps to activate the body.

Recommends starting with a job force. It proposes three exercises: push-ups, squats and abdominals. You have to do 15 repetitions of each of them, resting one minute between sets and repeating three times.

And continue with a job of intensity. To do this, he suggests doing eight sets of twenty seconds. “The exercise session has to be at the maximum intensity possible to speed up the metabolism and for your body to burn calories for longer after training. For these series it is best to choose the exercises that make us move the most, such as the jumping jax or knees up.”

“In this way, we will achieve maintain muscle mass pectorals, deltoids, back, legs and glutes without losing the progress made during the year,” he concludes.

Now, as Pérez has already mentioned, Training may vary depending on the destination. From JG Fitness and Júlia Ndocky Ribas from Metropolitan Sport Club & Spa they solve for us how we can stay in shape on the beach, in the mountains or in a city.

Train on the beach

When we are on the beach on vacation we usually associate the environment with relaxation, lying in the sun and eating ice cream. But, as the JG Fitness center points out, it can offer us much more and of course, we can take advantage of it to continue training and stay active.

“On many of the beaches we find sports areas: volleyball net, active parks, water activities… Use these resources to keep your shape during your vacation,” JG Fitness points out.

They point out that, in this way, you will continue exercising your muscles, burning calories and it will help you not lose everything you worked during the year. “It’s a good way to Don’t miss your training and disconnect at the same time”.

Ndocky proposes six specific activities:

  • The shovels. Depending on the intensity, you can burn up to 220 calories. In addition, it is an activity in which you move many muscles at the same time. A trick: if every time your opponent serves you bend your knees a little and tighten your abdomen and glutes, you will involve these muscles to a greater extent.
  • Swim in the ocean. In water, your muscles work five to six times harder than on land due to the resistance of the water. This beach activity tones your muscle mass, and if you are thinking about losing weight, you should know that by swimming for forty minutes you can burn approximately 500 calories. Swimming favors the cardio-respiratory system.
  • Walk along the beach. At this point we must differentiate two areas: soft sand or walking along the shore. The first is an unstable and irregular surface so all of our muscles will make a greater effort to maintain the stability of our body, especially the ankle.
  • Paddel Surf. With this sport you will tone your trunk and legs without realizing it! And just with involuntary movements to maintain balance you will do important work in these areas. Furthermore, although it seems to be more of a leisure activity than a sports activity, Paddel Surfing contributes to energy expenditure.
  • Beach volleyball. If we talk about beach sports, this would be one of the most recurrent ones par excellence, since we tone the entire body, reduce body fat and also improve agility and balance. It is an inclusive sport, which can be played between men and women, which can even lead you to meet new people.
  • The frisbee. This activity can help you replace your cardiovascular exercise routine. At a good pace, playing toss and run to catch the Frisbee will make you burn a considerable amount of calories. If you have never practiced it, you may be a little frustrated at first when you see that the throws do not go very far, but it is a simple technique that in a few days you will have mastered.

Stay fit in the mountains

When the heat hits, you drown out the stress and you are looking for nature, there is nothing like heading to the mountains.

“There, take advantage of the opportunities that life gives you naturelook for routes and activities in the mountains to do, whether alone or accompanied by friends and family,” they point out from JG Fitness.

A woman exercises in the mountains as the sun sets.

In the mountains there are many activities such as kayaking, hiking, climbing, horseback riding, bike routes… These can help you stay active by getting out of your routine.

Ndocky explains that it is especially important to adapt training to the specific characteristics of the mountain to get the most out of it. “The mountain, with terrain that rises and falls, gives us the opportunity to take advantage of this type of terrain to strengthen our legs, as well as the cardiorespiratory system.

In that sense, you should strengthen your legs and maximize their power. Remember: “the slope is assured and strong legs are a must“.

Among the activities it recommends, the running: “You have to understand that depending on the intensities at which you run, there will be some responses in the body or others. For example, high rhythms and intense series work will have more response at the level of muscle development and regulation of glucose levels and insulin sensitivity, and low or medium rhythms will have more response on the cardio-respiratory system and health in general.

And also in hiking: “Walking is an exercise that contributes to losing weight, especially if you dedicate yourself to between 45 minutes and an hour daily. In this case, when walking with the terrain typical of the mountain, our body requires greater effort—both muscular and cardiorespiratory—thus working on its strengthening as well as resistance. cardiovascular. This also improves circulation and toning of the different exercised muscles of the body (legs, abdomen and buttocks). It also promotes venous return.”

And in another city?

If you will spend the holidays getting to know another city, you can use the hotel gym. “It’s a good resource to follow your training.” But, if this is not possible, JG Fitness recommends that you “try looking for activity parks nearby, as they are a great resource for training outdoors and offer you more training options if you do not have your own equipment.

In addition, there are training centers that offer services on-line and custom routine applications, which are an option that can accompany you wherever you go if you want to continue with your routines.

“At JG Fitness we provide this type of service, completely personalized, so that our clients can take us with them wherever they are and maintaining the quality of an individualized training.”

“When the place where we stay does not have a gym or a small room with the necessary equipment to train, we should not let this mean not doing sports, but quite the opposite. At this time, we should turn to those sports that we can do in any city in the world,” says the Metropolitan spokesperson and recommends three possible activities.

  • Yoga. To put it into practice, you only need a mat and relax your mind when doing classes, since it is a practice that not only benefits you on the outside, but also on the inside. With the practice of yoga, you increase body flexibility, gain muscle strength, improve the mobility of muscles and joints and work on the balance of the entire body.
  • Running. When we run in a city, we must take into account some considerations to make it easy, comfortable, but at the same time effective. In this sense, if we have access to paths in parks or meadows, it is better, that is, where the earth mixes with the grass and offers an optimal surface for the development of the activity with a lower risk of injury than what we have on the asphalt. . Furthermore, during the summer period, when temperatures are high, the ideal is to go for a run outdoors first thing in the morning or, failing that, at the end of the day when the sun sets.
  • Paddle, pin-pong or squash. In these racket sports, we must take into account
    Note that not only the arms are worked, but also the trunk and legs. Unlike other sports, tennis, paddle tennis, ping-pong or squash They involve the movement and strength of absolutely the entire body. Thanks to this aspect, we improve our aerobic capacity (we burn fat and improve the cardiovascular system) and anaerobic capacity (resistance and power increase through short periods of high intensity).

Now you can stay in shape wherever you go this holiday.

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