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Eyebrow micropigmentation: the mistakes you should avoid before and after the treatment

Eyebrow micropigmentation, like microblading, continue to be among the most requested facial treatments by Spanish women. The reason this is so is that in both cases we find an excellent option to get perfect eyebrows and without having to put on makeup daily.

So, if what you are thinking about is doing eyebrow micropigmentation or you have already experienced it, we recommend that you find out about some important aspects that you should take into account before and after undergoing this aesthetic treatment. And the results will depend largely on the aspects that we are going to review below.

What is eyebrow micropigmentation

Eyebrow micropigmentation basically consists of inject into the dermis (middle layer of skin) a pigment with the aim of coloring or perfecting a certain part in this case of the eyebrows.

  • Don’t apply makeup in the area if the micropigmentation pigment is not yet established.
  • Avoid removing scabs and let the healing continue its process natural.
  • Don’t expose yourself too much to the sun the days following the treatment and make sure to protect the area well.
  • Don’t forget to hydrate the area well. To do this, apply a healing cream about 2 or 5 times a day to keep the area well hydrated. You can use a cotton swab to help you do this.
  • Do not wet the area at least until an hour has passed after the treatment and avoid humid areas or doing sports, as sweat could cause a loss of micropigmentation color.
  • Don’t forget apply cold in the area to reduce inflammation.

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