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Eyeliner: home tricks to line your eyes in a minute

Achieving perfect makeup is impossible unless we dedicate ourselves to it professionally. And there are many skin tones, makeup, shadows and other accessories that must be taken into account. AND, get the eyeliner perfect is one of the most difficult steps. However, as with everything, there are a series of tricks with which we will be able to work on this part of the eye and achieve outrageous results. We show them to you below.

The makeup remover wipe

One of the first tricks we want to talk to you about is makeup remover wipes. It’s not about using them to get rid of your line, but so that you can give it a better shape. With it, you can eliminate those parts that you have missed or that have moved a little. Of course, be careful with them, because if you don’t do it right you will end up removing all the eyeliner. The best thing you can do is put it on top of your finger or a very fine brush so that it takes the shape and you can use it only on these more specific points.


Sahi-Tape is a special type of tape designed especially to be used on the face. It has multiple uses, but here we focus on its use to make the eye line symmetrical and outlined. To do this, you just have to place it on the eyelid with the shape you want to give it. You can make an area wider and another narrower. It is very simple to shape, so it adapts easily to all shapes.

A simple piece of paper works miracles

A simple piece of paper will also help us improve the eye line. As? Well, easy, using it more or less like the Sahi-Tape we told you about. However, you must have a little pulse, since it doesn’t stick. In addition, you must be careful not to cut yourself, since you already know that paper cuts are very easy and, in addition, they hurt a lot. Of course, with care, it is one of the most effective and cheap tricks you can find.

The ear stick

Similar to the makeup remover wipe, use a cotton swab that we use to remove ear wax It will also help us eliminate small defects and make the line much more defined. But, you must also be careful not to go too far, as you may end up eliminating the rest of the line that looked good to you.

Eyeliner stencils

As it could not be otherwise, the world of makeup improves day by day and new products come out that allow us to obtain great results from home. And, one of these products is eyeliner stencils. They are cheap and easy to get.

Using these templates is super easy You just have to put them on your eyelid and follow the line they mark for you. This way, if you leave, the eyeliner It remains on the template and not on the eyelid. Also ideal for leaving adequate space for eye shadow, also essential if we want to achieve a more intense look.

Help from someone close: the cheap and fun option

Ask for help a friend to do your eye line. Maybe it doesn’t turn out very well either, but it’s clear that you’ll have a great time and have a good laugh.

Take care of your makeup

In addition to the tricks we have given you to correctly apply this product, it is important to tell you that makeup must be taken care of. It is not enough to know how to apply the eyeliner, but we must make sure that it is always tightly closed so that it does not dry out. Likewise, never use the neck of the container to remove excess makeup: use a little paper for this. Else, This will dry out in the container and will not seal properly. which will end up with all the dried liquid.

Now that you know some tricks to improve your technique when applying eyeliner, we encourage you to try them all. You will see that there will be one of them that will do better than the others. Thus, you only have to apply it to your makeup routine and you will enjoy a few intense and very well outlined eyes.

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