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Facial Asymmetry: bad habits and dental problems

Our habits can cause facial asymmetries without us realizing it

When you look in the mirror and see your face, you may notice that there are certain features that define it. If you look in more detail, you may be able to find some features that you didn’t previously have, it is something that may seem strange to you because we believe that we are genetically coded to have a specific face shape. In this article I am going to explain why this happens and how you can avoid it.

The alterations that we notice in our face may be related to our passive and repetitive habits, which, without realizing it, can cause Facial Asymmetries. such as posture changes or dental problems.

Bad habits

Some of the most common bad habits are the following:

  • Sleeping on your stomach: this can influence the development of the face, since it turn your nose away and the corner of the lips
  • Smoking: consuming tobacco causes loss of tone in one lip and increase in tone in another
  • Movements with the tongue: this is a very strong muscle, depending on its position, it determines the development and shape of the palate, with it it can push the teeth forward and over time cause bite problems
  • Breathing through the mouth: this causes vertical growth, where the face appears longer
  • Type of diet: poor diet can cause Malocclusionsproblems in Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ)


For avoid these Facial AsymmetriesI suggest the following:

  • Sleeping on top or on your side
  • Avoid cigarette consumption
  • The position of the tongue should be in contact with the palate, without pushing the teeth
  • Perform adequate breathing
  • See a Dentist to resolve any bite problem or replace missing teeth to prevent premature aging
  • Eating natural, unprocessed, hard foods will lead to greater jaw and muscle development, as well as a lower risk of malocclusions, better dental alignment, and better facial symmetry.

If you want to know more recommendations and treatments to keep your face healthy, symmetrical and beautiful, you can contact us.