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Father’s Day: eight gifts for fathers who are fond of culture and technology

Father’s Day is a holiday in which fatherhood is celebrated and in which it continues to be a tradition honor parents for his work in the education of his children. It is also known as Saint Joseph’s Day, in which his figure is taken as an example.

When these dates arrive, we probably don’t know what to give or what our father will be most excited about. That’s why magasIN makes things easier for you, providing you with a list of products specially designed for a father who loves creativity and technology.

Play to connect

Asmodee has a huge catalog of games that can be the perfect gift for this Father’s Day. In addition, you will be guaranteed a fun afternoon in which to develop group dynamics to connect more deeply with your family.

The Island (34.99 euros) is an adventure game in which up to four players can participate. The plot consists of a expedition of a team of intrepid explorers to an island full of surprises and dangers.

While you are there, reef volcano erupts and you must get the explorers to land with all the treasures they can get.

‘The Island’ by Asmodee


If your father is a star wars lover, Jabba’s Palace (14.99 euros) can also be a great alternative as a St. Joseph’s Day gift. This game is based on risk and deduction and will force you to enter Jabba the Hunt’s lair and defeat the enemy.

To carry out your secret plan You must use the skills of the heroes of the Rebel Alliance and the inhabitants of the palacealthough you must make sure that no one on Tatooine finds out.

‘Jabba’s Palace’ by Asmodee


Do you think you know everything about your relatives? Oh Happy Games brings you the perfect game to really get to know your core: How well do you know your family? (20.99 euros).

Thanks to the dynamics, you will compete for who knows who the most and it is ideal to have a good time together and learn new things about others. Laughter and good memories are guaranteed with the questions of this card game.

‘How well do you know your family?’ by Oh Happy Games

Oh Happy Games

If your father likes to enjoy time alone, with the game of Schrödinger’s Cat Escape Room (45.90 euros) you will have a great time. IDventure has created a wooden interactive game box whose puzzles you must solve to open it. If you succeed, you will get the prize inside.

This exhaust box this based on Schrödinger’s cat paradox: In the case of locking a cat in a box for days, until you open it you will not be able to tell if it is alive or dead.

iDventure: ‘Schrödinger’s Cat’


For technology parents

If your father is a technology lover, Samsung and LG present some options for you to give him.

The laptop Galaxy Book3 Pro (1,899 euros) can be a perfect gift for this occasion. Count with one Ultra slim design and durable materials in addition to 3k resolution screenwhich will allow you to enjoy sharp and defined colors.

To add, it has an audio system four AKG surround speakers and Dolby Atmos. Lastly, the option of Quick Share It will allow you to send large files directly from your mobile to your laptop.

‘Samsung Galaxy Book3 Pro’ from Samsung


LG also brings news for this Father’s Day. The brand proposes the headphones LG Tone Free TF7Q (179 euros), which are waterproof and that, thanks to his technology SwivelGripHE they will always keep in your ear. This gift is perfect for sports parents who like to listen to music during their workouts.

‘LG Tone Free TF7Q’ by LG


Creativity above all

Many times we look for gifts that may surprise and that, in addition to looking fun, can be transformed into a hobby. We propose two packs Your father will surely be surprised.

The first kit It’s of pale ale brewing (now at 49.41 euros), in which you will find everything you need to create your own beer with eight simple steps and for which no previous experience is necessary.

‘Pale Ale Blonde Beer Brewing Kit’ by Cervezanía


The other kit is Noah’s ceramic one (now 35 euros), which includes all the tools and guidelines for create your own bowls, cups or pots. Contains air-drying clay, pottery tools, brushes, acrylic paint and a bottle of varnish.

‘noah Ceramic Kit’


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