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Five mobility exercises to eliminate back pain that you can do at home

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The current pace of life is a sum of stress, poor diet, poor quality of life, bad posture, and something else… It is known that every action implies a reaction and when the body is not taken care of, it responds by reacting in different ways. If we have stress, cardiovascular problems, high cholesterol or sugar, and even cancer can come to light. These pathologies are related to bad habits, because, let’s not fool ourselves, when there is a lot of stress, we eat worse and the body begins to deteriorate.

With the body postures exactly the same thing happens. When the body is subjected to many hours performing the same activity in a static posture or in a forced posture with loads, it reacts by becoming stressed and that is when injuries such as protrusions, hernias, contractures, spinal deviations, muscle tears, etc. appear.

The most punished area is usually the lumbar, due to the excessive vertebral pressures that occur in it. In this article we are going to give you five ideas in the form of an exercise so that you can mobilize the lower back area, eliminating tension in it.

1. Hip flexion-extension lying face up: The initial position of the body will be face up (supine) with the legs bent and hip-width apart. The feet will remain supported on the floor. Inhale in that initial position and exhale trying to flatten the lower back against the floor (hip flexion or retroversion). Ten repetitions.

2. Hip rotation: starting in the same position as the previous exercise, but with the legs together, the feet resting on the heels and the arms separated from the body. Inhale in the starting position and exhale by rotating the hips, bringing the knees to the side very slowly. The shoulders cannot be separated from the ground. The same action towards the other side. Ten repetitions (five on each side).

3. Hip flexion with alternating knees to the chest: In the same initial position, exhale by bringing one knee closer to the chest, very slowly and without forcing. You will return to the starting position again to alternate with the other knee. Ten repetitions.

4. Half Roll Back: The initial position is sitting with the trunk vertical and the legs semi-flexed at the width of the hips. The arms will be placed at shoulder height, extended in front, with the hands facing each other and parallel to the ground. Inhale in that position and exhale by moving your body backwards, putting your navel in and rounding your back until it is in the shape of the letter “C”. You will return to the initial position by inhaling again. Ten repetitions.

5. Hip flexion sitting in a chair: You begin sitting in a chair with your trunk vertical and resting on your buttocks (avoid sitting on your tailbone). She inhales in that position and exhales, flexing her hips, rounding her lower back. Return to the beginning inspiring. Ten repetitions.

We must not forget that we must work the Core to protect that area and have a strong abdominal area. If we do these exercises every day after work, you will notice a lot of relaxation in the lumbar area and the quality of life will improve.

*Iván Morales Martín is founder of Bendita Agujeta.

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