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Fixed Dental Prostheses: what they are used for

Fixed Dental Prostheses serve to replace the form, function and, above all, the aesthetics of teeth that have been lost or damaged.

The Prosthesis It is that procedure by which the lack of an organ is artificially repaired or part of it, so that the function is improved. Therefore, the Fixed Dental Prostheses serve to replace missing teeth in the oral cavity so that they are fixed either on teeth or on Implants.

There are different types

The Fixed Prosthesis could be:

  • Only one tooth replacing the missing crown permanent and more than three teeth replacing one or more missing teeth fixed on two or more present teeth

  • Another type of Fixed Prosthesis is on Implants, in which the Implant is the replacement of the root of a missing tooth and on it is a Crown supported on a prosthetic abutment that can be screwed, cemented or cement-screwed and can work on several Implants. where this is the replacement of the root

Composition and durability

The Fixed Prosthesis is made up of the following points:

  • Abutment teeth. They are the ones that hold or support the Prosthesis. They are usually a natural tooth or an implant.
  • Retainers. It is the part of the Fixed Prosthesis that rests on the abutment teeth
  • Pontics. They are the artificial teeth that occupy the edentulous spaces supported by retainers.
  • Connectors. These are the joining points of the retainers with the pontics.

The durability of the Prosthesis depends on the maintenance given to it after its placement., it is generally greater than 10 years. The patient must attend at least two annual check-ups.

Take proper care of your Fixed Prosthesis

As is well known The Fixed Prosthesis is one that is permanently placed in the patient’s mouth. and is fixed either on natural teeth or on Dental implants.

This type of prosthesis is the one that best reproduces the anatomy and aesthetics of natural is considered more comfortable and more natural, and that is why it requires certain care that is very simple:

  • After each meal, you should brush your teeth immediately
  • You have to be very meticulous in cleaning before going to sleep.

  • Don’t forget to clean your natural teeth

Remember that the Crown on an Implant and the Crown on a tooth, They function in a similar way and have the same durability in the mouth, morphology and aesthetics.. They are used according to the prognosis of each tooth.