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Food for people with sedentary work

Statistics reveal that women are classified with a higher percentage in the sedentary lifestyle category.

What does a person with Sedentary Work eat?

A sedentary person is someone who wears a Lifestyle in which you perform very little or no physical activity, the type of diet that a sedentary person should follow should adapt to your physical activity level lower and take into account the risk of gaining weight due to lack of exercise.

Sedentary people generally have increased weight or poor eating and physical activity habits and if at the moment they do not have any health alteration, it will become evident in the long term.

An adequate diet for a person with a sedentary job should include fruits and vegetablescarbohydrates unprocessed or ultra-processed complexesproteins of animal or vegetable origin according to your preference, hydrate yourself very well, and above all portion management.

How to improve the life of a person with a sedentary job?

That first has to come from the person’s own decision, understanding that health implies having active and not passive movement and eating balanced in addition to good emotional health.

So there are some guidelines to follow:

– Check your diet and if you are eating unbalanced

– Consult a nutritionist-dietician to have a more complete guide according to your health status.

– Start doing some type of physical activity that you like and that is not an imposition but something you enjoy.

– Hydrate very well

How does diet influence?

If you eat improperly in addition to not doing physical activity, you can have health problems as musculoskeletal disordersObesity, Type 2 Diabetes, heart diseases and there is a 20-30% higher risk of death compared to people who have an acceptable level of physical activity.

In addition to this, those who have a sedentary type of job may be affected in their labor performance Therefore, it is important that companies raise awareness of the importance not only of active breaks but also promote healthy environments of work to promote physical activity such as walks, having a gym, applications that promote movement within the work day, etc.

Since the pandemic, people began to work at home and this greatly increased work and sedentary activities related to the use of technology.

Statistics reveal that women are classified with a Higher percentage in the category of severe sedentary lifestyle compared to men, so women are at much greater risk of suffering from any of the diseases related to sedentary work.