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Fortunata syndrome: the abnormal disorder that women develop towards married men

In Spain, emotional dependence affects almost 50% of the population, being even more common in young women between 16 and 31 years old, according to data from the Andalusian Institute of Sexology and Psychology. Above all, we talk about sentimental dependencies, so emotional dependence in couples is already appears as one of the great problems of the 21st century.

We know that love is one of those forces capable of moving mountains and that precisely for this reason, in addition to many joys, it can also be especially painful and complicated when we experience a breakup and love changes or disappears.

Even so, Sharing life with a partner and through a healthy relationship has been shown to increase life expectancy, fills our lives with joy and balance. But what happens when the relationship, far from being healthy, approaches the limits of dependency? This precisely has a lot to do with Fortunata syndrome, which we are going to talk to you about below.

Why is it known as Fortunata syndrome?

Fortunata syndrome It bears precisely this name in honor of the well-known novel ‘Fortunata and Jacinta’ by Benito Pérez Galdós.. A novel in which Fortunata is in love with Juan Santa Cruz, who is married to Jacinta. Still, Juan and Fortunata share a loving relationship, although Fortunata always dreams of being in Jacinta’s position, but Juan is not willing to leave his wife.

Although with the passage of time Fortunata ends up becoming a prostitute and even gets married, she continues to maintain a loving relationship with Juan for years with the hope that he will one day become her real husband or the father of her children. future children. During the play, the change that Fortunata experiences with respect to her relationship with Jacinta also draws attention, for whom she ends up developing a certain admiration, even considering that both are equally legitimate. Characteristics and thoughts that in this case the protagonist shares with this type of syndrome to which she gives her name.

How to treat Fortunata syndrome?

Fortunata syndrome is a particularly complex syndrome that requires a series of strategies and tools that should be provided by an expert psychologist. to leave this dependent personality disorder behind. Still, analyzing the affected person’s thoughts and emotions regarding romantic love is one of the first steps in identifying and addressing the problem.

It will also be necessary to work on distancing and disengaging from the person with whom this emotional dependence is experienced and of course also working on prevention, so that the person does not fall into another dysfunctional relationship. All this together with important personal work with which self-esteem and independence must be worked on.

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