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Four twenty-something entrepreneurs give us the keys to starting a company and being the boss

To commemorate International Day of Entrepreneurial Womenthe platform TikTok has organized a meeting with four young people entrepreneurs who have a lot in common: they have managed to grow and scale their businesses, thanks to their commitment and effort, and the visibility that social networks in general and TikTok in general have given them. particular.

In fact, the hashtag #WomenEntrepreneurs It already has more than 722 million views within the platform and #entrepreneurs exceeds 8.7 billion views.

The debate table exudes youthgiven that the speakers are barely over 20 years old. Paula Rodríguez (@carmelo.cotton), Martha Sol (@needcarhelp), Andrea Garte (@myagleet) and Karla Fortea (@yummyJewels) have shared their experience so that other women pick up the baton and become their own bosses.

Karla Fortea @yummyJewels

Founder of what she calls ‘little shop’ where she sells the charms she makes and that arose from her taste for combine your makeup looks with earrings of different colors and shapes.

“TikTok has been a before and after for my brand because it has been like having a window constantly open to the public. Even passively the content keep reaching out to new people. Thanks to the videos that continue to move, unexpected sales occur, which are giving rise to a stock that surely it would be stopped” says Karla Fortea. 80% of the visits that come to your website come from the TikTok platform.

And he continues: “The relationship with the client has changed a lot, because in the end it is like having an open house every day, in which my clients can meet me personally, as well as learn first-hand about all the production processes, the problems that I may encounter on a daily basis, and in the end, when someone buys they do it as if they were buying from a friend because of the type of relationship that is generated,” he concludes.

Paula Rodriguez @carmelo.cotton

Under the Carmelo Cotton label, Paula customizes second-hand clothing in Betanzos that she then sells to her followers online. Now they also make sportswear.

It has managed to create a community that has even reached other countries.

“In my case, the most important point is that I create a special relationship with my clients, I try to convey closeness and involve them. Something that TikTok rewards a lot is consistency and quantity. AND This plays a lot in my favor, because in the end I have created a community in which people already demand and ask me to create more and more content and they give me ideas directly,” says the entrepreneur.

And how do you create that closeness with the community?

I try to talk to them as if they were my friends, literally, it is the easiest way. All the tools that the networks provide you serve to liven up the videos, and in the end they help you a lot to avoid falling into monotony.

Martha Sun @needcarhelp

He has created, together with his partner, Sergey SavchakNeddCarlHelp, for help people who need help when looking for a second-hand car and checking it before.

“For us, TikTok marked a before and after. Initially we had no followers or clients, maybe we had one client a week or something like that. And from that first video what we upload We started to receive a lot of requests from all over Spain,” he comments.

And he continues: “At first, we didn’t know how to convey the message, or what platform was ideal for us. We were on different platforms, but somehow we were not transmitting what we had to transmit. People didn’t really understand what service we offered. Until you see a video you don’t fully understand what we do. We do reviews on second-hand cars, but until you see the video in detail, you don’t realize that it is something totally necessary when buying a car.”

Marta assures that she continued trying different platforms on networks but one night inspiration struck. “One night I thought about uploading a video because I felt it was going to go viral. I uploaded it at eleven at night and went to sleep. After half an hour I looked at it and I had zero views and I went to sleep a little sick,” she confirms.

And he continues: “The next morning it already had half a million views. We had like 40,000 followers and they started calling us from all over Spain. We went from being two people to being a team of 17 in approximately a year and a half. And if everything goes well, by the end of this year there will be 20 of us and we will be throughout Spain and it is likely that next year we will also be in Germany,” assures.

The young businesswoman assures that not everything was so fun. Added to the difficulty of adding emotion to videos and reducing them to one minute is the fact that it is a very masculinized sector.

“We are in a very masculine sector, that of vehicles. Women who are going to buy a car turn to a man, even if he doesn’t know about cars. We try to transmit that empowerment to women that they do not need a man to buy a car, I offer you this service and you can request it on your own,” she concludes.

Andrea Garte @myagleet

Founder of Myagleet, Andrea makes her footwear with vegan materials that avoid animal origin, the use of plastics and promote recyclable materials.

“I’m from Valencia, but I moved to Elche because that’s where the suppliers and manufacturers are and where the issue of footwear moves. What surprises me most is that you can go anywhere, even to other countries. Although shipping so far is very expensive and not is profitable, but it can be done,” he says.

Karla Fortea make sure it is aware of this incredible expansion “because we reach all Spanish-speaking countries because in the end the videos are in Spanish. Of course, the country that follows us the most is Spain, but the second is already Mexico. And the third, Argentina, and then the rest of the Spanish-speaking countries, which opens many doors.”

“The time at which you upload the video also has a lot of influence. We do it around 11:00 p.m., and at that time you know that you are probably going to reach more people from Latin America and in our case, that first day it reached seven million, half were from Latin America,” confirms Marta.

Karla Fortea reveals what have been the keys to success in connecting with your potential clients.

“I have a little experience here talking to my entrepreneurial friends, recommending TikTok because they were a little reticent, and I usually give them three specific pieces of advice,” she points out.

“That they expose themselves on the screens, whether physically seen or by voice or simply showing their hands that they gesture, and that in some way they are in the video, because this conveys much more closeness than simply showing the products. And in the end you are putting a face to the business, a personality and in the end instead of buying from a neutral, empty company, you are buying from a person like them and this for me is very differentiating.”

And he continues: “QThey should convey their personality and in the videos, if the content allows, show their current emotions: if they are laughing or even if they are angry. I studied that there are mirror neurons that make the people who are listening to the message, their Mirror neurons, like they mimic what you are feeling. So, if you transmit happiness and passion for what you do, in the end you infect the person who is seeing you”.

“And I think it is also of interest, to show transparency in everything you can. MIt seems like a good idea to convey that not everything has always been perfect. Show that it has been a hard process and in the end or if something has gone wrong, how you solved it, With this effort is valued much more and come that there is something more behind it,” he concludes.

For its part, Andrea assures how important it is to listen to your audience.

“I receive letters and they send me packages with other things. I also want it to be a showcase for other brands, to help them. Today, with our brand we not only sell shoes, but we are inspiring, we transmit a lifestyle, everything behind it. And if I have been able to achieve it, because you are not going to be able to do it… We encourage many people to take the plunge, to undertake and to make content,” she says.

And he continues: “I started without any intention. One day I showed a video of what he did and from there, people wanted to see more: what your office is like, who you work with, what the process of creating the shoes is like…everything,” he concludes.

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