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From absolute poverty to being the most sought-after Spanish artist in the world: who is Lita Cabellut

Says Lita Cabellut (Sariñena, 1961) who lives in a city of shy buildings. She describes the surroundings of her home-studio in The Hague (Den Haag), in fact, as a village disguised as a city. Maybe the houses resemble their owners: Cabellut likes the flower arrangements and the birds flying over the patio in the morning and the reflection of things on the wet ground.

“It often rains. Then, when it’s sunny and you walk, every detail tells you a different story. On a Sunday morning you can easily walk around here from 1800 to 1900, a very victorious era of beauty, and you could sometimes barely expect a carriage to come behind you,” says the artist.

But how did this woman from Huesca come to live in this place and, above all, to become the Spanish artist most desired by international collectors? Her story is sometimes told falling into clichés. She was raised in a gypsy family with hardly any resources and experienced homelessness. Then, after being adopted, she began visiting the Prado Museum in Madrid and taking painting classes. She was very good.

Miró, Saura or Tapiès”.

From Lita I would highlight “achieving not only the technique, but I find it amazingly voluptuous. But that his works capture us in every sense. He wants to hug them. They transport you and make us share. Lita manages to transmit with her work the complicity of her magic, spawn creatures in a majestic way. With those layers, not only of meaning, but of work, of strata,” says Herrera.

Cabellut’s “is a painting that delves and investigates. And it is a review of the history of art and a universe so deep that it really impresses,” he concludes.

Among the international artists who will be alongside Lita Cabellut in the Opera Gallery project are Botero, Chagall, Calder, and many others, in a first exhibition that questions and pays tribute to Picasso. “Here will be Lita Cabellut’s work, incredible!”

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