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From Chiara Ferragni to Olivia Palermo: why the bob haircut is still the most desired

The medium length hair, also known as bobcaptivates for different reasons: practical, versatile, elegant and freshis a safe bet at any time of the year although, without a doubt, it is especially so in summer due to the high temperatures.

What exactly does it consist of? “ANDl court bob It is characterized by framing the face with a length at jaw height that provides a most rejuvenating air. A style cut casual which is achieved thanks to a well-worked scaling as well as giving it very subtle layers, something especially necessary both to give volume to the finest hair and to subtract it from those with more hair” explain the Llongueras experts.

Its versions are almost infinite. Of the long to the shorts passing through nape or the italian Its success lies above all in the version chosen and its compatibility with the face. Within the framework of Haute Couture Week, which is currently being held in Paris, numerous celebrities opted for the hairstyle bob, confirming that it remained a safe value in the world of beauty. We review it in images.

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    Chiara Ferragni

    The businesswoman attended the Haute Couture parade Schiaparelli with the so-called “Italian bob”. Stylish and with a light touch casualis a bob rejuvenating due to its natural appearancereaching more or less to the lips with a perfect cut height, straight base and lightly textured layers to create dimension, movement and an irresistible look.

    “It is easily maintained and handled as it is designed to give you a touch of styling and let it air dry. Perfect for everyday wear, it is also perfect for wearing a haute couture dress, better on oval and/or angular faces,” explain the experts at Le Clan.


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    Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu

    The actress also attended this parade with a longer version of the classic bobhe long bob. “The hair cut long bob It is one of the trends for those girls who have midi hair and who want to maintain that length of hair. but giving it a twist of stylealthough it is also one of those that have had a cut bob and they have been letting it grow little by little,” according to the Llongueras experts.

    A casual style cut that is achieved thanks to a well-worked scaling as well as giving it very subtle layers, something especially necessary both to give volume to the finest hair and to subtract it from those with more hair,” they add.


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    Sabrina Elba

    Sabrina Elba opted, for her part, for the most classic version of the bob. Straight, without bangs and parted in the middle, it only stands out for its ends combed “inwards”.

    It is a version similar to blunt bob. “Elegant, comfortable and versatile like few others, we can transform it with a grunge and casual touch or opt for something more glamorous and sophisticated. It is perfect for sharpening an oval face but also for women with more marked and harsh features if you leave it longer. It is ultra-feminine and highlights the neck noticeably,” explain the Le Clan experts.


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    Olympia of Greece

    The royal attended the Dior Haute Couture show, with an impeccable design from the house and a haircut that never goes out of style: the short bob.

    “He shorts bob It is undoubtedly one of the most stylish and refreshing cuts of the season. Stylizes and modernizes immediately and helps to complete and contextualize any style with a more airy feel. cool“explain Goldwell experts.


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    Olivia Palermo

    The actress, model, socialite and businesswoman witnessed Tamara Ralph’s parade with one of her most emblematic haircuts, the wavy bob.

    “Curls and waves help us soften our features and
    They provide movement and density. Furthermore, its curvature ensures that the color of the gray hair blends very well with the rest of the hair,” explains Conchi Arias, founder of Campos Curlyhair, in Granada.


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    Heart Evangelista

    The artist attended the same parade with her characteristic short curved bobthat is, a medium length of hair with the ends turned inward.

    Your keys? A well-marked parting in the middle and hair straightened with an iron.


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    Emma Chamberlain

    The actress surprised with a messy bobwith a casual air, with a key detail: the Italian bun.

    What does it consist of? In this case, the artist chose to wear it as a semi-updo, with volume at the top of the skull.