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From Rocío Osorno to María Segarra: 7 ‘influencers’ who are inspiration for the April Fair

It’s almost time for the start most flamenco week of the year, and many of us find ourselves racing to find the perfect style (something that can sometimes become a real headache). The truth is that the dress code of the April Fair It has been opening up over the years, but it still continues to generate a lot of doubts, especially for those who come for the first time.

From magasIN We want to help you solve this, and to do so we show you 7 profiles of it-girls that will guide you in your search for look ideal:

Rocio Osorno

Chances are you know her, either as it-girl or for its spectacular designs. The stylist is one of the influencers most popular in our country, accumulates more than 1.5 million followers on Instagramand everything that is posted goes viral on networks.

What for Rocío Osorno began as a Hobbie It has ended up becoming a double profession, and the Sevillian has been able to take very good advantage of her popularity to publicize the firm that bears her name. Sometimes even raffle dresses (and cute dresses!) from your own collection.

Macarena Silva

Graduated in Law, influencer It is one of the most followed in the capital of Seville, and has been around since 2016 —when it went viral after designing her own dress for a family member’s wedding— inspiring to thousands of followers who share their style and vision of fashion.

In 2022, the young woman wore up to five different flamenco dresses at the Fair, some the work of Anguas Ruiz and Rosa Pedroche, leading designers from Seville. Silva knows that fairs and pilgrimages work well in networks, and, therefore, he does not hesitate to take advantage of them to show a tradition that represents her and her roots.

Andrea Noguero

He is one of the youngest faces of the moment, and he is taking Instagram by storm. She is passionate about beauty, fashion trends and social networks, influencer has already been seen as a guest at events of the caliber of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week from Madrid.

Student of Advertising and PR at the University of Seville—and now based in the capital of Madrid—Andrea Noguero dazzled at the last Fair with costumes Flamenco Sibylline. It also usually shows looks as a guest for more formal occasions with which you are sure to get it right if you plan to dress for the street.

Maria Segarra

The best thing about María Segarra’s style is that her looks are easy to imitateand the Andalusian frequently throws, reels with ideas for special dates from brands like Zara, Mango, Sfera or Pull&Bear.

As they say, the influencer It works the same “for a broken one as for a torn one”, and when the Fair arrives, she knows how to get it right whether she goes for flamenco or opts for a guest option. She is a true reference when it comes to dressing, and knows how to give her more formal outfits that jovial and modern touch that we like so much in magasIN.

Isa Ramos

Better known by her name on social media, @lisasimppson gives off the same energy as Seville in spring, and has managed to capture the sympathy of more than 154 thousand followers on Instagram.

The keys to her style are naturalness and comfort, opting for mid-calf dresses, fluid suits and a lot of color when the good weather approaches. For the most flamenco week of the year, Isa Ramos relies on local brands such as Rocio Peralta and Aurora Gavino.

Anna Ferrer

It is one of the media discoveries of recent years, and there is no event that escapes it. The it girl has developed your interest in communication in parallel to the career of his mother, the presenter and comedian Paz Padilla, with whom he maintains a close relationship.

Its popularity took off more than seven years ago on YouTube, a platform on which she uploaded beauty videos and showed us her routine as a student at the Carlos III University of Madrid. She now focuses her work on Instagram, and is one of the most anticipated content creators at Real de la Feria. Anna Ferrer really knows how to stand out for the night of “fish”.

Mery Turiel

Her face is present at all parties and any high-level event, but Mery Turiel’s thing goes beyond dressing well. The Madrid native has managed to reflect an unmistakable style that we love for her elegance and originalityand which has led to the April Fair itself.

The fashionist and expert in Business Administration has made even Forbes notice her, and place her among the 100 best influencers in Spain. His videos recreating looks of celebrities and showing guest ideas low cost They garner thousands of likes every day, and they can serve as inspiration if you still don’t know what to wear for the occasion.

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