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Girl names inspired by leading and successful women who have made history

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Both in fiction and in real life we ​​are surrounded by women who changed history in different areas. From scientists, athletes and writers, to politicians or activists, simply by saying their name we are reminded of what made them unique.

And it is that The name is what will create the first sign of identity in someone. In addition to trying to be different, it can send a great message that reminds us of the importance of being authentic. Therefore, we show you 10 names inspired by women that became a milestone.

1. Rosa (by Rosa Parks)

In 1955 Rosa Parks marked a before and after with a single gesture. She lived in Alabama (United States) and being a woman of African descent she was considered a second-class citizen.

One day Parks boarded the bus to return home from the warehouses where she worked as a seamstress. The front rows were reserved only for white people, so women and men like Parks They could only sit in the middle rows as long as there were no white people standing. These injustices were constantly repeated and the protests of the black community were not heard.

Tired of that situation, Parks took a seat at the back of the bus. But at each stop it became more and more crowded, so many white people stayed standing. Realizing this, the driver stopped and ordered 3 black women to give up theirs, Parks refused and she was arrested for it.

His act led to massive demonstrations by the African-American community, leading to the United States Supreme Court declaring racial segregation on buses unconstitutional.

2. Malala (by Malala Yousafzai)

Malala Yousafzai.


Malala Yousafzai is a young Pakistani activist who received the Nobel Peace Prize on December 10, 2014, the youngest person to win this award. In 2007, the territory where Malala lived fell under the rule of Tehrik-e-Taliban, the Pakistani Taliban movement.

Human rights were no longer respected, especially those of women, who found it increasingly difficult to attend educational centers. For this reason, Malala, who was 11 years old at the time, began publishing under the pseudonym Gul Makai (corn flower) in a Blog the horrifying experience of living under that mandate.

In 2009 the Pakistani government regained control and Malala emerged from anonymity and became an easy target for the Taliban. For this reason, in 2012 she was boarded on a bus and shot, causing serious injuries. Fortunately, she survived and today continues to defend the right to education of Pakistani girls and young people.

3. Daenerys (from Daenerys Targaryen)

Emilia Clarke, Danerys Targarien.

This name has become a milestone in recent years as it reminds us of the powerful Daenerys from the series. games of thrones (Game of Thrones). This name of Hebrew origin daen (God is my judge) and from the Greek Eris (goddess of speech), denotes power and courage.

Daenerys was, by her attitude and decision, an innate protagonist of this series. Her courage and self-confidence aroused the approval of all followers, becoming one of the most original names chosen for girls around the world.

4. Greta (Greta Thunberg)

Greta Thunberg’s story: from “wanting panic” to telling the G-20 to shove “the climate summit up its ass””


The young 19-year-old activist Greta Thunberg never ceases to surprise with her tenacity and commitment to the environment. She was born in Sweden in 2003 and At only 8 years old he began to be interested in climate change while looking for solutions and expressing their complaints.

To denounce the inaction of governments on climate change, in 2018 he created the movement Fridays For Future (Fridays for the future), managing to mobilize young people from countries such as Germany, Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil among many others. Currently, this international movement is recognized as one of the most important and active in the fight against global warming.

5. Simone (by Simone Bales)

Simone Biles, at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

AFP7 / Europa Press

American artistic gymnast Simone Bales rose to fame due to her innate ability for this sport. She is a seven-time national champion, Olympic champion in Rio 2016 and five-time world champion.. She is the gymnast with the most medals of all time.

Likewise, her story of overcoming, living without her parents, and courage show that the gymnast’s magnificence is not only in her jumps, as she has great courage.

6. Anne (from Anne Frank)

A fairly common name that can carry a message of struggle and improvement. And Anne Frank was a German girl of Jewish descent who was known worldwide for the work Ana Frank’s diary, a book in which the young woman recounted in first person her experiences and those of her family hiding in Amsterdam from the Nazis during World War II.

In 1947 her father published her diary for the first time, a book that today has become an example from which to learn and learn about her history, turning little Anne Frank into a great warrior.

7. Ada (from Augusta Ada Byron)

The 203 years of Ada Lovelace, the mother of computer programming

The British mathematician Augusta Ada Byron, better known as Ada Lovelace, developed the first algorithm intended to be processed by a machine. A scientific woman who broke the mold in 19th century London.

8. Ruth (from Ruth Joan Bader Ginsburg)

Ruth Bader Ginsburg


Ruth Bader Gunsburg became the second woman to be appointed to the United States Supreme Court (from 1993 to 2020). She was a pioneer in the defense of women’s rights and traveled through a life full of obstacles that he managed to overcome thanks to his courage and passion. Furthermore, the film released in 2018 On the Basis of Sex (A Question of Gender) shows, in detail, the history and life of this great woman.

9. Hypatia (from Hyaptia of Alexandria)

Hypatia of Alexandria was a Greek philosopher who excelled in fields such as astronomy and became one of the first female mathematicians in history. With a character fully dedicated to learning her studies, she managed to become a true myth and improved the design of primitive astrolabesinstruments to determine the positions of the stars on the celestial vault.

10. Virginia (by Virginia Woolf)

The writer Virginia Woolf, in an image.

The British writer Adeline Virginia Woolf was born in London on January 25, 1882 and has gone down in history for different novels and literary works such as to the lighthouse (1927) or A room of your own (1929). She has been considered a leading figure of 20th century literary modernism and a pioneer of feminism..

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