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‘Glazed donut nail’: this is the most sought-after manicure of the season

Milky nailsrainbow, French… so many manicure trends that you have seen over and over again on Instagram, at the drop of a hat. scroll. It is not surprising that in this rentrée A new trend has already established itself, which pays tribute to summer while still getting ahead of autumn.

This perfect beauty transition is called ‘Glazed donut nail’. As its name indicates, “glazed donut”, look for the ultimate shiny effect. That is, one that imitates the effect produced by a layer of sugar.

How to achieve it?

This manicure can be achieved in different ways. Whichever method you choose, remember to apply a base coat, which in addition to protecting your nail, will strengthen it, help hide imperfections and make the color last longer. You can choose to apply a first layer of pearlescent polish, followed by another layer in a pink tone and finally one of top coat.

You can also opt for powder polish, the application of which is very simple. All you have to do is remove the traces of color with a brush. Like the base, the top coat It is essential to make your manicure look longer. And don’t skip the previous hydration step: “One hour before painting your nails, spread a moisturizing oil on your nails and let it absorb completely. If it has nutritional properties, much better” recommends Yves Rocher.

Ideas to show it off

This manicure, popularized by figures like Hailey Bieber, already has thousands of mentions on both Instagram and TikTok.

It is about achieving a glazed effect, between transparent and pearly. It is a success on both short and long nails and is extremely versatile, even for everyday use.

This trend echoes another sure one this fall/winter, the one with the metallic effect. “This season brings a touch of drama with metallics, sparkles and gold. For a decadent night or a festive evening, you will always need a touch of magic like that of Penny Talk“they emphasize from Essie. It can also be combined with other manicure trends, such as dots or effects. ombrewhich plays with color gradients.

The shopping

Biotin treatment for more resistant nails Base strong startof Essie (cpv).

Enamel, tone Chiffon My Mindof IPO (cpv).

Top Coat Go Green Gel Effect, from Yves Rocher (€6).

Glaze, also for the skin

This shiny effect doesn’t just apply to manicure. The “glazed donut skin” has become another successful facial technique. As with nails, it’s all about achieving a subtle, natural shine. To do this, follow the step by step scrupulously: apply a moisturizing pre-base, followed by a medium coverage makeup base that you can mix with a liquid highlighter. Correct imperfections with a concealer and finally cream blush to polish the pearly effect.

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