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Glitter eyeshadows: this is how you will show off the makeup trend of the moment

After years in which the tones nude and natural makeup imposed both fashion and beauty style choices, glitter pigments have acquired greater prominence Thus, more and more people are choosing makeup options that provide more light and vitality to the skin.

Makeup artist and model backstage at Fashion Week


From the catwalks to the red carpets, Eyeshadows in metallic and glitter tones have made an echo in the world of beautybut glitter is no longer only used for important events or events, there are those who use it in their daily lives.

Therefore, here we leave you some recommendations so that you can show off this trend in the best possible way, in addition to some of the different possibilities you have to use these pigments and fill your creativity with creativity. looks.

Five ways to highlight your look with glitter

Use cream eye shadows

This option will make it easier for you to apply the product and thanks to its compact composition you won’t have to worry about it leaving stains on your clothes or ruining the rest of your makeup if you make a mistake.

Marc Jacobs “See Quins” Eyeshadow

Courtesy of Marc Jacobs

Try a smoky shadow look with glitter

Apply a base of a neutral color and, on top, use the glitter shade of your choice. This technique will allow you to give depth to your eyes and create contrast. You can mix different shades of metallic shadows to give it a more personal touch.

Smokey eye shadows


Grunge aesthetic

Give an alternative and punk touch to the look adding a black eyeliner to the lower eyelid. With this type of aesthetic it is preferable to use cold tones such as silver or blue rather than warm tones such as gold or orange.

Blue eyeshadow with black eyeliner


cat eyes: cat’s eye

Line the lower part of the eye with a glitter eyeliner in the color of your shadows. Then, use a black gel eyeliner to draw the eyeliner traditional black on the upper part of the eyelid. This option will allow you to reinvent the cat eye traditional and give a more daring touch to your look.

Cat eye style eye shadow

IStock by Getty Images

This type of makeup requires being daring and using your creativity so, above all, don’t forget to experiment.

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