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“Golden Nail Congress”: this will be the meeting of manicure experts

Interest in the world of cosmetics, and specifically manicures, continues to grow. More and more people are specializing in the sector and developing innovative techniques.

They are precisely the experts in manicure and nail sculpting and nail art who will meet at the first international congress’Golden Nail Congress’, next November 12 and 13at the Barcelona Congress Palace.

Within the framework of this long-awaited event, attendees will be able to attend presentations and demonstrations on the most advanced techniques and ways of working. It will help them boost their businesses in a sector that grows every day and positions itself in the world of imaging.

They will attend, for example, the presentation of “Morphology, nail pathologies. Disinfection and sterilization protocol”, “Marketing techniques and social networks. Selling products and attracting clients. How to promote your work and increase followers” or “Business improvement. Incentive and growth of your business”, among others.

Within the activities of the ‘Golden Nails Congress’ there are professional appointments from different parts of the world such as José Alcaide and Cristóbal Cervera (Spain), Anna Popova (Portugal), Ioana Cristescu (Russia), Jimena Nails, Katarzyna Wolny, Yohanna Rivas ( Mexico) and Yuliya Novikova. Everyone will complete the conference agenda with leading topics such as structures, nail care and health, air nails and upcoming avant-garde by 2023.

The wonderful gala dinner will be held on the night of Saturday, November 12. The event will begin with the entrance on the red carpet, posed on the photocall for the press and a welcome drink for all participants before enjoying a wonderful dinner with an exquisite menu.

For this great event, in addition to sharing a magical night with some of the most prestigious professionals in the sector, Rocío Flores will be present, faithful to the nails artwho will share an unforgettable evening with everyone present.

After the gala dinner, the “Golden Nail 2022” awards will be presented in its different categories: “Business coach” award, “Nail art artist”, “Influencer nail artist”, “Structure nail artist”, “ Manicure nail artist”, “Professional career” and “Marketing and business improvement”.

The International “Golden Nail Star” Awards will also annually reward the celebrities from different sectors of the world of fashion, film or television. This year, this award will be given to the influencer

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