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Good, pretty and cheap brands to succeed at your special events

It may well be your daughter’s graduation, your best friend’s wedding, or the communion of your cousin’s first child, the point is to celebrate. And I hope we never lack reasons to do it, but it is true that there are certain times of the year when all our closest people seem to agree to do it at the same time.

And we all know that special events are never cheap, neither for those who star in them nor for those who come to them. Fortunately, today there is a wide variety of guest shops thanks to which you don’t need to have a big budget to get a great look.

Printed jumpsuits, two-piece sets, shorter or high-heeled dresses… the options are endless when it comes to adjusting your clothing to the event’s etiquette. You can choose a simpler option with garments in light fabrics and few decorations for the day; and long trains with ruffles or colored silks for the night. The important thing is that you feel safe and comfortable with your outfit.

Regardless of your style, from MagasINwe want to show you the fashion brands where you can find the perfect options to look like the best at your special events without ruining yourself in the attempt. Discover them, explore their designs and choose your favorite for the new season!

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    Find original designs among tops, pants, dresses, jumpsuits… Party and fashion looks casual for young girls with style. Made in Spain.

  • 2 out of 10

    Lady Pipa

    Party clothes in which you will feel pretty, but not dressed up on your special occasions. Their patterns aim to fit all types of women thanks to fabrics with drape and consistency.

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    In its collection you can find short wedding dresses, long dresses, jumpsuits and party tops. They are so beautiful that even Infanta Sofía opted for one of her designs.

  • 4 out of 10

    Glowrias Store

    This is the brand of the famous influencer Natalia Osona. Despite having a collection of everyday clothing, the store stands out for its colorful and comfortable designs for events.

  • 5 out of 10


    At Cherubina you can find both wedding and guest dresses, as well as handmade headdresses and accessories. The quality of their designs is indisputable, Queen Letizia chose them for the funeral of Isabel II.

  • 6 out of 10

    Dew and Corch

    A dream brand, with airy fabrics and cheerful colors, which is made in Spain. Rocío Mena and Cristina R, its founders, aim to mark a before and after in guest dresses for events and weddings.

  • 7 out of 10

    Oh Juliette!

    Every self-respecting young woman knows Oh Juliette! A family business that was born in 2012 and has not stopped growing. Their prices are super affordable and their designs are for all tastes.

  • 8 out of 10

    Lola Li

    Lola Li wants you to be the perfect guest at weddings, cocktail parties and events with her elegant and versatile dresses. Designed to enhance femininity, they are made with impeccable patterns in Spanish workshops.

  • 9 out of 10

    Basyco Jerez

    Women’s fashion store with seasonal clothing at incredible prices, you can purchase their designs on-line and in its physical store in Jerez de la Frontera.

  • 10 out of 10

    Sorellas The Brand

    Sorellas The Brand defines itself as a brand for all those it girls that follow trends and They look for something special in their outfits.