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Goodbye to the orange tone: 3 self-tanners at an affordable price that really work

We all like that golden tone that the sun leaves on us and, many times, we work hard and sweat on that finish. However, not only is it difficult to make time for it, but it is also very detrimental to the health since we can damage our skin.

Self tanner is one of our best allies to avoid the problems that come with being exposed to the sun so much. Still, it is a double edged sword, because if it is not natural, the finish can be orange and patchy. Therefore, it is very important to find the perfect product.

Delial Natural Bronzer, by Garnier

One of the self-tanners more viral and with better reviews. Garnier presents an innovative format with a texture of mousse and of 100% vegetable origin. Its popularity is not a coincidence, as many consumers confess that they did not trust the finish of self-tanning products until they tried this one.

He final tone is natural and with a simple application it lasts a whole week. In addition, it contains moisturizing coconut water to ensure soft skin and, in turn, a very pleasant smell. The best of all? Its price is €13.29 on Amazon.


Tannity Self Tanners.

Healthy tan. Free of parabens, suitable for vegans and cruelty-free: This is what Tannity self-tanners are like, which unite the commitment to quality. In addition, they also have physical studios where they hold sessions. It is the favorite brand of celebrities like Ana Mena, Tini or Teresa Andrés.

They have a wide variety of products to complete all the steps of self-tanning. Among them stands out the Instant Body Self-tan mousse (€29.99) available at three tones depending on the intensity you want to achieve.

Take action after 8 hours since it must react to the amino acids in the skin. In addition, it has technology Flash Dry for instant drying and are odorless. It will look like you just landed from a paradise beach!

St Moriz

St Moriz Self Tanner.

The mousse of St Moriz It’s one of the self tanners most popular in recent years. It is made from olive oil and contains Vitamin E. It generally lasts a week and, after application, it takes between 4 and 6 hours to take effect.

For only €6.49 at Primor You can achieve a gradual tan and, above all, a very natural color. Additionally, there are two shades to choose from, one darker and one for lighter skin.

How to apply a self-tanner?

Depends on type of self tanner that you use and the vast majority incorporate instructions on how to apply it and how often. Still, there are a series of general steps that They are usually common in all self-tanning products.

  1. Exfoliation: You must prepare the skin to achieve a perfect and uniform result. To do this, one of the most important steps is to previously exfoliate the body. In this way, we remove dead skin. Be careful!: do this step 24 hours before.
  2. Moisturizer: It is very important to ensure that the tan is luminous and homogeneous, without spots.
  3. Let’s do it: We apply self-tanner taking into account that it must cover every millimeter of our body. Use a glove or mitten to avoid staining your palm.
  4. Hydration again!: To maintain color and look healthy skin, it is very important that you also hydrate your skin in the days after application. Additionally, immediately after application, it is recommended not to wear tight-fitting clothing in case the product transfers.

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