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“Half-moon” manicure: 5 ideas seen on Instagram to show it off successfully in 2023

Show off a manicure simple and versatile with a different touch It is not always an easy task. Some, however, succeed. This is the case of the “half moon”, also known by its name in English as half moon nails.

What is the half moon manicure?

“This design, which was born with the name of half moon nails, It initially includes a line drawn on one side of the nail, bordering one of the sides of it, imitating the crescent moon.

Starting from this design, you can include another line on the opposite side of your nail, giving free rein to your creativity. This trend is also known as a side French manicure, or side frenchie. It is compared to the French manicure for its simplicity and elegance, as well as for the countless designs that this trend gives rise to,” explain the experts at Le Mini Macaron.

How to show it off?

There are two main options, according to experts. The first, add color to a nail base nude:”pfor this manicure option half moonopt for a nude color for the base of your nail (the classic of French manicure), and later a brighter tone to give that colorful and cheerful touch to your daily manicure.

You can choose a single color for all your nails, alternate them or draw two moons at each end of your nail… Let your imagination fly!”.

The second, try to create contrast. “For a simple two-tone manicure, choose two nail polishes, one in a dark tone and one in a light one, or using two complementary colors,” they add.

5 manicure ideas that you will succeed with

Of colors

The combination of colors is a successful way to give prominence to the shape. Try associating several tones on the same hand.

Color grading

What if you try combining different shades of the same color on your hand? To make the color stand out, apply the polish to the upper area of ​​the nail, with the help of a stencil.

With glitter detail

The version glitter It is another successful bet, even for everyday use. Apply the gold to the root area, on a beige base.

In earth tones

Earth tones, usually associated with autumn, shine for their timeless and versatile character. Combine them in the same hand.

in black

Like white, black is a safe bet in the world of manicures. Give it prominence by painting the entire nail, leaving the “half moon” in tone. nude.

Semi-permanent manicure, as a solution

“ANDThe shine and finish of this type of nails is perfect and lasts 2 to 3 weeks, depending on the natural growth of the nail. currently there are many, and very varied, types of enamel for this technique and no, It is not true that they are all of the same quality and that they damage the nail the same.“explain the experts from the expert firm Wiñk.

Of course, remember that “a manicure semi-permanent pedicures or pedicures should be removed, as far as possible, in a specialized center. If by any chance we had to do it at home, we recommend following the following steps: file the surface of the nail, soak a cotton ball in acetone, wrap the nail in aluminum foil, let the product act for 15 minutes and remove the polish with a cuticle pusher.

Finally, you should polish the surface of the nails with a file buffer. It is important that you do not file excessively, to avoid wearing down the natural nail.”

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