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Hats or caps, a key accessory to elevate any look this summer

You are from hat Or do you just love them, but are you shy about wearing them? Be so daring with a stylish hat cowboy or as for the classic straw in all its versions. They will be responsible for provide elegance and freshness on any occasion.

I am convinced that in one of the getaways prior to the great escape of this summer’s holidays, you have noticed that hats and caps of all kinds and colors reign everywhere. The reality is that this accessory, in addition to protecting you from the sun, gives a boost to all looks incredible.

And who said hats are only for the beach? Let’s not underestimate her power because she is capable of giving your most basic option a 180 degree turn.

It is important that the color of the hat flatter your skin tone, since it is used close to the face. If you have pale skin, opt for a warm color like pink or beige. If your skin is darker it is easier to choose, although if it is very dark, it is better to avoid black.

Also take into account the clothing color with which you are going to wear your hat. You can choose to match exactly the color of the outfit or achieve a contrast and highlight your hat.

If you have a small face, it is better not to wear a hat with a very large crown and brim, just as if you have a large face, do not wear a crown and brim that hugs your face, these will highlight your features.

Discover how to combine hats in the most useful way: with soft tones you can combine them very naturally with darker tones in your clothes, it is a daring and unique contrast. Ideal to combine with a striped shirt dress. While the dress provides strength and firmness to your lookthe hat will give it a touch chic and feminine of the most delicate and sensual nature.

Put on your best bikini showing through your half-buttoned linen shirt and a Jean short, reigns look with a raffia hat with a shell ribbon and the beaches await you.

For the most daring, bet on one of small wing, it is ideal for any style this summer. You can wear it both in your office looks and with your most basic garments. My partner Arancha delights me every morning with her outfits crowned with a raffia borsalino. Elegant and simple, without complexes!

If you are looking for a outfit perfect for a special date or a unique moment, go for a shiny black hat, it can be a faithful ally, you just have to know how to combine it. Go mach with a slip dress, or with pants and a floaty blouse, this hat will give your style a very sophisticated touch.

January 15 marks the national day of this accessory, perfect for transforming any look and highlight your style. Which one do you prefer?

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