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Have abs after 50? Nicole Kidman proves that yes, it can be done

Nicole Kidman He is at his best both professionally and personally. At 56 years old, she can boast of being one of the most prestigious actresses in Hollywood. And not only that, she is also considered one of the most elegant women on the current film scene.

In addition to continuing to develop her career as an actress, Kidman also serves as executive producer on several projects. The last one in the series Special Ops: Lioness which also stars. An espionage thriller inspired by an American military program.

At the premiere, Nicole was once again the center of attention. The actress wore a long black dress, with cut out in the area of ​​the abdomen, neck halter and a chiffon flower at the neck that fell to the feet.

Nicole Kidman at the premiere of her latest series


She combined the dress with transparent evening gloves, high-heeled sandals and natural makeup.

Although the look was spectacular and very successful, what caught the most attention was Nicole Kidman’s toned body, which showed that you can be in shape and have marked abs after 50.

Sports in the life of Nicole Kidman.

Over the past few years, sport has played a fundamental role in the life of the Australian actress. She herself confesses that since she practices it she feels with more energy and more motivation. The perseverance and motivation that she puts into the exercise makes the magnificent results possible.

Nicole Kidman is one of those who prefers to exercise outdoors whenever she can. “My father ran marathons and my sister does triathlons. I don’t do any of that, I like to run, but very slowly,” she explained in an interview.

Nicole Kidman at the premiere of her latest series


“I’m not fast or pretty when I run, but I love being outdoors. It lifts my spirits and makes me thankful for life. It brings me a lot of peace.”

To mark and tone her muscles, the actress chooses HIIT training, which focuses on short bursts of intense exercise. A perfect workout if you are short on time, which helps improve your physical condition in multiple ways. It is made up of high-intensity intervals, focused on performing short, intense bursts of exercise.

For this type of sessions, he always prefers the first hours of the day: “It’s like going to a nightclub first thing in the morning. It’s dark, the music is great and you get so revved up that the high lasts all day.”

He also uses a lot of weight training, training that compensates with low-impact sports such as the Yoga or go for a walk. She enjoys the latter doing it with her husband and her daughters, as she assured the newspaper. Los Angeles Times.

Nicole Kidman at the premiere of her latest series


Food is also important, and although the actress claims not to deprive herself of anything and eat everything, in her daily life she tries to follow a healthy diet that helps her maintain the results achieved through sports.

Nicole Kidman is proof that it’s never too late to start getting in shape. You just need motivation, perseverance, determination and finding a sport that you like to show off the body you want, regardless of age.

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