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Having sex at 82 because “it is good for life”: Iva Zanicchi’s plea for Eurovision

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“I want to love you for what you have in your heart, / To feel still alive in you / And if one day I find out / In my heart one more wrinkle… it will be you / But if you want… if you want it… / I want to love you in thoughts, in hands; / I want to love you with my soul and more”. These are some of the verses of the song Voglio amarti (I want to love you) with which Iva Zanicchi aspires to represent Italy in Eurovision. The 82-year-old singer performs this work full of sensuality and passion and she claims that “Every woman, at any age, claims sentimental and carnal love for her man”.

Married for 36 years, Zanicchi assures that “Making love is good for life. At any age”. “We have been so in love and he says that he still loves me as he did in the first days, but in my opinion it is a lie. At first, as in all stories, there was a great attraction, then affection and complicity prevailed But do you want to know if there is sex? Yes there is, it is good for life,” he declared in an interview with the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.

Without mincing words, the artist has spoken about this issue that worries many women when they reach menopause, a time in which libido and lubrication can decrease and in which they can also see themselves less attractive.

However, Zanicchi has defended that sex is always beneficial, and not only beyond 60. “At 60 I was doing pirouettes…! Less so now, but woe to you if you stop making love even after 80! If you stop having sex, you don’t do it anymore. you have to force yourself, help you a little with your imagination. “I have a lot of fantasies… But don’t let me say anything else, because then my partner gets angry,” she commented with a laugh.

An acclaimed singer

Iva Zanicchi at the Eurovision Song Contest held in Madrid in 1969.

Zanicchi’s song has been one of the 22 selected for participate in the 2022 Sanremo Festival, in which Italians choose their representative for Eurovision. “It’s a slightly classical song with a bit of blues. Is a cry of universal love. We want to love each other, hug each other, kiss each other. “This is what the song says,” she said in the presentation of the song, which has not yet been made public.

Iva Zanicchi is an artist with extensive experience and one of the Italian singers with the highest sales abroad. She began her musical career in the 1960s and has released more than 30 albums. Additionally, she has presented several television programs on Italian television.

This is not the first Sanremo Festival in which Zanicchi has participated. The popular singer has participated on a dozen occasions, winning 3 times (1967, 1969 and 1974). In 1969 she was Italy’s representative at Eurovision.which that year was celebrated in Madrid, after Massiel’s victory in the previous edition with his song The, the, the. Then she came in at number 13 with the song Due thicke lacrime bianche. Will he have better luck this year with his ode to love?

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