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Health alert: Hacendado gelatin removed from the market due to possible salmonella

Mercadona has withdrawn one of its products from its supermarkets due to the possible presence of salmonella. This has been reported by the company itself through its website, where it asks consumers that if they have the item at home, they return it to the nearest company establishment so that the amount can be refunded.

Specifically, it is the neutral gelatin (pack of 12 sheets) of the Hacendado brand, from Germany and the affected product, according to the notice issued by the health authorities of Madrid, is batch number A11054/01 with date preferential consumption of 04/27/2027.

Both Mercadona and the supplier Gelita AG. apologize in a statement to customers for the inconvenience caused, with no known cases reported regarding this health alert at the moment.

Data of the product involved

-Product name: Neutral gelatin.

-Brand name: Hacendado.

-Product appearance: Package with 12 sheets.

-Lot number: A11054/01

-Best before date: 04/27/2027

-Unit weight: 20 grams.

-Conservation temperature: ambient.

Labeling and packaging of the affected product.