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Health warns of the risks of black henna tattoos

With the arrival of summer it is one of the activities that proliferate at fairs, beaches or markets. These are henna tattoos, which, unlike permanent ones, only last a few days, but you have to be careful about them. In fact, the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS) warns of events involving black henna, which can be very dangerous to health.

Black in color and shiny in appearance, they contain natural henna, but also dyes such as p-phenylenediamine or PPD, whose direct use on the skin is prohibited and can cause serious effects on the skin such as itching, redness, or scars, among others.

Natural henna is extracted from a plant, Lawsonia inermis, which interacts with the keratin of our skin and reacts providing a reddish color, and the tattoos made with it barely last three or four days, without consequences for our body. However, in recent times, drawings on the skin with black henna have become popular, which last up to a week but can carry significant health risks. According to the AEMPS, in the short term they can cause spots, blisters, itching, permanent discoloration of the area where it has been applied, scars, contact dermatitis and even hospitalization in the most serious cases. In the long term, these effects are accompanied by permanent sensitization to this substance (present, for example, in some hair dyes), which can lead to serious allergic reactions.

For all this, the AEMPS recommends avoiding temporary black henna tattoos or those that last for a long time, be cautious with tattoos offered outdoors and go to the nearest medical center if we have had a henna tattoo. black and we present symptoms.